PlayStation Is Giving All New PS5 Owners A Free Game Of Their Choosing

The PS5 will celebrate its third birthday this November and despite component shortages and a pandemic, its sales have been doing pretty well so far. Shifting more than 40 million consoles worldwide, PlayStation’s latest offering is already comfortably among the top 20 best-selling consoles of all time. It will want to keep that momentum going into the 2023 holiday season though, and one of the ways it plans on doing that is via a new Updgrader Program.



The program has been quietly rolled out by PlayStation and lets new PS5 owners pick a free game from a pretty stacked list. The list is almost entirely made up of PS5 PlayStation exclusives which means there are some pretty big names on there. The Last Of Us Part 1, God Of War Ragnarok, and both of Insomniac’s Spider-Man games. Likely popular picks, especially with the program coming to an end on October 20, 2023, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release day.

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There are 12 games to choose from, so basically every exclusive PlayStation has released on PS5 so far, plus the Death Stranding Director’s Cut for good measure. Things get a little confusing when it comes to when this program started and who exactly is eligible. The wording on the program’s support page makes it very clear that only new PS5 owners are eligible to claim a free game. However, there’s no start date on the program so it isn’t clear when you need to have activated your PS5 to be in the running for a free game.



The PS5 is Sony’s premier gaming console launched in 2020, and it comes with both a standard and digital-only version.

Suffice to say, if you have activated a new PS5 recently, it might be worth following the steps on the support page to see if you’re eligible for a free game. To check if you meet the program’s requirements you’ll need to head to the PS Store on your console and a banner with the offer’s details should be waiting for you. You will then be presented with the list of 12 games and can choose one to download for free. Only US PS5 owners with an active PSN account who are aged 18 or over are eligible for the program.

Hopefully the program is something PlayStation plans on shouting louder about in the coming days and the support page has just been discovered a little early. If not, it seems a little odd that it would create a deal designed to shift more consoles and then not shine a very bright spotlight on it. If this deal has convinced you to finally pick up a PS5, pre-order details for its Deep Earth collection are now available.

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