Planescape: Torment – Every Party Member, Ranked

Planescape: Torment stands as a monolith not just among CRPGs, but story-driven games overall. Highly praised for its unique setting and philosophically focused narrative, it is considered to have some of the best writing of any game ever made.



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The thing that truly makes Planescape: Torment sing is the cast of characters you meet along your journey of self-discovery, none more so than the party members you can recruit to join you. As some of the most fascinating party members in any game, ever, just who sits on top as the best of the best?

7 Vhailor

Vahilor From Planescape Torment Fighting Two Monsters With His Axe

Vhailor may not be the voice role Keith David is best known for, but it is worth playing Planescape: Torment just to listen to him voice the spirit of a merciless justice seeker inhabiting their armour long after their death. Unyielding and uncompromising Vhailor is a fascinating character study in dedication to a cause taken too far, capable of turning on you if he doesn’t feel your actions follow his ideals.

The only thing holding him back as a party member is that he can only be found quite late in your playthrough, almost at the very end, and is easily missed as well. If he had been found in the game’s main location Sigil like most other party members, he would have had less time to polish his armour and more time to really shine.

6 Ignus

Character screen for Ignus from Planescape: Torment

Taking the idea of burning man to a new level, Ignus is a pyromaniac mage punished for his firebug ways by being transformed into a living conduit to the Elemental Plane of Fire. The only trouble is that Ignus doesn’t quite see this as a bad thing, reveling in his new connection to the flame.

On paper he ticks a lot of boxes: he can be recruited relatively early, has an amazing design, is connected to the main character backstory, and has some superbly written conversations you can engage him in.

The trouble with Ignus is that you can have all his best conversations immediately after recruiting him if your stats are high enough, and what he adds to the rest of the game is a little one-note. Is it on fire? Ignus likes it. Is it not on fire? Ignus thinks it should be. He’s a great character but doesn’t have quite the depth that some of the others do.

5 Nordom

a rogue modron from planescape: torment
Promotional Art for Planescape: Torment via Wizards of the Coast

Voiced by the incomparable Dan Castellaneta, who you may know best as Homer Simpson, Nordom is the closest Planescape: Torment comes to having a secret character. He’s in an area of the game only accessible if you buy a particular item at a curio shop and then solve a puzzle connected to it.

Even then, you have to set this missable area to its hardest difficulty to even have a chance of encountering him, tucked away inside an actual maze filled with killer constructs.

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If you manage to do all of that, Nordom is an absolute delight. A “reverse Modron” he is a constructed lifeform of reason and logic who has been infected with chaos, losing his connection to his people and becoming confused. His dialogue is charming, he’s one of the game’s only ranged party members who isn’t a caster and his design is unique.

It’s a lot of trouble to recruit him though, and he doesn’t have a connection to the main story in the way other characters do.

4 Fall-From-Grace

Fall-From-Grace Character Screen From Planescape: Torment

Very few concepts are as compelling in the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse as Fiends who are trying to change their ways. Fall-From-Grace is a perfect example. A Succubus who has turned away from the seductive path of her kind she now walks the way of the Sensate, a group of people who seek to experience all that life has to offer.

As the only healer in the game, Fall-From-Grace is almost an essential recruit for every playthrough, and her knowledge of the planes means she regularly has interesting things to say about your adventures. There is a sense of mystery about her that is compelling, that perhaps she has some secret to be revealed, but the game never delivers. Whether this is intriguing or frustrating is up to you.

3 Dak’kon

Dak'kon Character Screen From Planescape: Torment

Dak’kon is one of the earliest characters available to recruit and is a versatile Fighter/Mage multiclass with unique spells. He may come across as a little dry at first, but give him time and you’ll be rewarded with incredible depth. He has a strong connection to the main character and their story, and can even train you to cast his spells if you’re a Mage and your stats are high enough.

By following that thread you’ll be rewarded with the history of his people and their cousins, the Githyanki, which will be a fascinating delve if you’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate 3. The Githyanki and Githerzai are vital to the history of Mind Flayers, and this is a wonderfully immersive way to learn about it.

2 Annah

Annah Character Screen From Planescape: Torment

Annah holds a special place in the heart of anyone who has played Planescape: Torment. Streetwise, quick-witted, and fiercely independent, she remains entertaining and engaging throughout the entire game.

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She has ties to the main character’s current events, which sets her apart from most of the other party members who are linked to your amnesiac past, and being a native to the bizarre city of Sigil means she can also keep you informed about the odd denizens and factions you’ll encounter.

Throw into the mix the potential for a romantic subplot and you have Annah, as total a package as you’re likely to find when it comes to a party member in any video game. She even comes with interplanar slang, but don’t worry, your brain-box will be canny enough to see the dark of things and she’ll never turn stag on you.

1 Morte

Morte Character Screen From Planescape: Torment

Morte isn’t just the first party member you can recruit, he’s the first character you meet in the entire game. A floating, talking skull with a sarcastic attitude he serves as your best friend and the game’s comic relief. His primary weapons are his teeth, which you can swap out for new magical ones. His secondary weapon? Insults and profanities so vulgar they can break a spellcaster’s concentration.

Ultimately Morte has far more to him than he lets on, with reveals about his true nature scattered throughout the game. Some of these are possibly red herrings, such as his suggestion that when he was alive he was the storied Arch Lich Vecna, but the things confirmed to be true are bombshells that will change how you see both Morte and the story. You should frankly never play the game without Morte in your party.

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