Phantom Liberty Has Hidden Dialogue If You Try To Ruin An Ending

Cyberpunk 2077 is an absolutely massive game, and the recently released Phantom Liberty DLC has made it even bigger. Trying to account for every single thing that players can do in a game this big must have been pretty difficult for developer for CD Projekt Red, but that doesn’t mean it was impossible. It seems like the studio is well aware of the stupidity that Cyberpunk 2077 players are capable of, and has called out someone who tried to ruin one of Phantom Liberty’s more emotional endings. Be warned, we’re heading to spoiler town.



First shared on the Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit, a player called Prototailz recently discovered that during the ending of Phantom Liberty that allows you to send Songbird to the Moon, there’s just enough space to stand on after the rocket door closes for you to hitch a ride. Naturally, this player then attempts to ride the rocket up to the Moon along with Songbird, and CD Projekt Red calls them out on their stupidity in the best way possible.

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Shortly after the rocket starts moving into the position, Johnny Silverhand appears to understandably ask V where they think they’re going. Clearly not aware of the impending danger they’re in, V arrogantly tells Johnny to “watch the show”, after which the rocket blasts off into the air. Johnny is definitely the more sensible of the pair, as he lets out the occasional “Oh fuck…” upon realising V is almost definitely going to die at this point.

Still not understanding the threat of imminent death that’s about to come, V confidently says “Aaaand whoosh….” as they anticipate the rocket setting off into space at full speed. They then make a few grunts and pained noises, which is most likely V realizing they’re now completely screwed, and then immediately dies, their planned trip to the Moon by standing on the side of a rocket up in flames.

While these don’t appear to be specially recorded voice lines for V and Johnny, as fans think that they’re reused from other scenes in the game, it’s pretty amazing that CD Projekt Red has included the call out. It goes to show just how much detail and effort CD Projekt Red has put into the release of Phantom Liberty, which is nice to see after the disaster of Cyberpunk 2077.

CD Projekt Red is hoping it can keep up the consistency and learn from its mistakes with its next title too, as a developer at the studio recently outlined the changes its making for The Witcher 4, with the console version of the game being prioritzed this time around.

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