Peter Parker Combat Guide For Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

We’re taking a look at both Peter and Miles in separate Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 guides covering the respective heroes’ battle prowess. Everything from unique abilities to recommended techniques and more – and if you’ve clicked this guide, we’ll hazard a guess you’re here for Peter in particular.



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The original Spider-Man is a little slower, a little tankier, but still plenty fast in the final telling. His attacks hit harder, but his recovery’s a bit wobbly after the big strikes.

Two Trees, One Hero

Peter Parker perching on a building in a damaged Spider-Man suit

Peter’s skill tree splits right down the center, but one of the two main branches is locked for a considerable chunk of the game. This is spoiler stuff – it’s why the game notes early on that you’ll need to progress the story to get certain abilities. We’ll focus our attention first on the tree Peter has all game long.

Spider Rush is a big part of what makes Peter tick early on. Peter races forward a few meters, striking foes ahead and on both sides with his mechanical spider legs. Put plainly, this move is a fantastic crowd-clearer. You can invest in Spider Shock to keep the punishment going with electric bolts that jet off and not just damage many foes, but keeps them knocked off-guard for several seconds.

Although the skill tree that Peter shares with Miles includes numerous faster-paced abilities (as well as highly useful travel abilities), Peter’s unique fare stresses these legged, but somewhat slow, strikes. Ergo, you should use that raw power to Peter’s advantage, dominating fights as Spider-Man through a consistent forward push peppered with all the inevitable dodges and parries you’ll need.

The Other Peter

Close-up of Peter Parker's villain form as a Symbiote-covered Spider-Man before his fight with Miles.

Once you’ve unlocked the Symbiote side of Peter’s skill tree, things will kick into high gear. You’ll still favor brute force somewhat more than you would with Miles, but now Peter’s Spider-Man has everything he’ll need to back it all up. Symbiote Strike doesn’t just launch Peter forward like Spider Rush; he scoops them up like ice cream on his path of destruction, throwing them up high. Combo this with some good old-fashioned aerial juggling, and many ordinary enemies will be dead.

Bad guys annoyingly far away? Symbiote Yank does what’s on the tin – you’ll pull them straight to Peter. Build upon Symbiote Punch when you can, too, because once it’s been upgraded, even the heaviest enemies will get knocked down.

This last advice is fair game for both Spider-Men, but if you find an attack you especially enjoy, focus on upgrading it sooner rather than later. The game doesn’t have dozens of main combat abilities, perhaps, but it does offer equally satisfying upticks in damage, technique, and overall presentation as you power up your various power-ups.

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