Peter Parker And Miles Morales Gameplay Differences In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is aptly named, isn’t it? Even though it’s the third game in Insomniac’s series, each of its predecessors starred one of either a veteran Peter Parker or newcomer Miles Morales, and now you can play as, well, the ‘2’ of them. And if you’ve played the prior entries – and you really ought to have! – you’ll kind of know what to expect from each of these arachnid-powered young men.



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But if you’re even newer to the series than Miles, or you want to know the nittier, grittier details on the gameplay differences, do read on!

Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2 hanging from a wall at dusk

Peter is by no means slow – he’s just slower than his protege. Pretty much as a rule, if you’re Spider-Man, you’re fast, but there’s a bit more ‘groundedness’ to this aerial hero, as his more damaging attacks typically require him to refrain from being airborne, and keep him in harm’s way for a few extra frames relative to Miles.

Pretty much any time you factor in those sweet metal extensions into your combo, you’re going to be playing aggressively, but let’s not beat around the bush – if you’ve caught any advance knowledge of Spider-Man 2, you already know Peter’s powers will revolve in large part about that symbiote suit. And it’s really more of the same here – the devastating offensive techniques the symbiote supplies hit hard, but cross the battlefield a touch sluggishly.

But where there’s a modest decrease in speed, there’s defense to bolster your survival. Peter can also defend via more abilities than Miles, so he’s liable to take more hits by virtue of this. That said, you should be aiming to get perfect dodges and parries whenever possible with both heroes.

Miles Morales: Shockingly Swift

Miles Morales close-up in Spider-Man 2

Miles, on the other hand, eschews some of Peter’s raw power in favor of increased agility and a higher number of long-range options. Since electricity is the way of the warrior for this up-and-comer, zapping your enemies with fast shocks via Venom Blast can work in tandem with your web-slinging to really keep the pressure on the enemy.

Miles can also ‘warp strike’, so to speak – he can reach his foes more quickly than Peter via an electrified teleportation. Plus, since Miles is somewhat lacking in defense relative to Peter, you can use this ability to escape briefly and heal up when the going gets rough.

It’s important to note that there are gameplay sections in Spider-Man 2 beyond the scope of Peter or Miles, although they play out differently as a result. Those who have played the first in Insomniac’s Spidey lineup will have a good idea what we’re talking about, but as far as specifics go, just know there’s not much point in discussing the differences in ability nuance for any other character(s)!

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