Paik Specialist Guide: Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042’s specialists complement the class system seen in previous games. There are over a dozen Specialists to choose from, their roles ranging from medics to more solo-oriented recon soldiers. Ji-Soo Paik sits firmly in the latter category.



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Paik was a major source of controversy before 2042’s launch, many regarding her EMG-X Scanner gadget as incredibly overpowered. It hasn’t taken the meta by storm due to repeated nerfs and vehicle dominance on certain maps, yet her gadget is still a powerhouse when used correctly. This short guide will give an overview of what Paik does, how to use her gadget, and provide some tips on how to play this specialist effectively.

Updated October 25, 2023, by Charles Burgar: Battlefield 2042 has seen some major changes since it first released. With the specialist system now returning to a more traditional class structure, Paik now sits as an aggressive variant of the Recon class. We’ve updated this guide to include more up-to-date information on Paik’s gadget, class role, and offer more current tips on how to best use her kit.

Paik Specialist Overview

Battlefield 2042 Paik Lore Image



Specialist Gadget

EMG-X Scanner: Highlights hostiles concealed behind cover.

Reveals your location when activated.


Acquisition: Those who damage you become spotted.


Level 25

Paik is a Recon specialist that dominates in close-quarters combat. Her EMG-X Scanner releases energy pulses while active, highlighting hostiles within 25 meters of your location. Receiving damage will also spot enemies for your team through the Acquisition passive, making Paik a rather aggressive variant of the Recon class.

As a Recon specialist, Paik has access to a wide range of utility gadgets. Every loadout comes pre-equipped with an Insertion Beacon, creating a spawn point for your allies. Secondary gadget options include Prox Sensors, the SOFLAM, T-UGS, the Tracer Dart Gun, Claymores, and C5 Explosives. Her throwables include most utility and explosive grenades, and she can use throwing knives. As Paik is a Recon, she gains proficiency with Sniper Rifles and Secondaries. Snipers will ADS faster and have minimal reticle sway, while all secondaries will have faster swap speeds.

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Gadget And Passive

Battlefield 2042 Paik

EMG-X Scanner

The EMG-X Scanner will pulse four times during its eight-second duration. Each pulse will move out by around 25 meters, giving Paik an opaque outline of any enemy in her field of view that’s behind cover. Enemies out in the open with a direct line of sight will not be marked with the scanner. Enemies marked with this gadget will be spotted for your team for half a second and have a red outline for Paik. When all four pulses are released, the gadget enters a rather lengthy 30-second cooldown before it becomes available again.

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More importantly, Paik is permanently spotted while the EMG-X Scanner is active. You’ll need to be careful using this gadget in solo situations, as an enemy team can easily close on your location. Enemies that Paik scans will also be notified on their HUD, removing any element of surprise. Stick with your team to get the most out of this gadget.


Acquisition does what it says in the menu. Whenever an enemy damages you, they’ll become spotted for three seconds, highlighting their body in red while active. Use this information to reposition or immediately retaliate. This passive is especially useful in Team Deathmatch.

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Tips And Tricks

Battlefield 2042 Paik Specialist

  • Use your gadget as bait. Deploy a T-UGS after using the EMG-X Scanner to scan any threats closing in.
  • Spotted enemies slain by your allies count as an assist.
  • Paik is incredibly strong when paired with a DMR or any high-damage rifle. The Acquisition passive makes landing headshots much easier.
  • See-through fences and barricades count as cover for EMG-X Scanner, allowing it to outline targets through these surfaces.
  • Consider using T-UGS or Prox Sensors with Paik to spot enemies not caught on your EMG-X Scanner.

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