One Piece’s Luffy And Nami Are Getting New East Blue Action Figures

Netflix’s One Piece adaptation made such a big impact this year that the platform wants more. Not via a season two, although that has already been confirmed, but by an adaptation of the original anime. Worth noting the original hasn’t actually finished yet, but never mind that. Netflix revealed an adaptation of One Piece’s East Blue saga is in the works, and at the same time, Bandai Namco gave us a first look at some new action figures featuring characters in their East Blue attire.



The new figures were in attendance for fans at Jump Festa ’24 to check out and are modeled after Monkey D. Luffy and Nami’s looks at the very start of their One Piece journey. Luffy is wearing his iconic straw hat and posed in a fighting stance, and Nami is standing alongside him with a weapon in hand. The figures have been created by S.H.Figuarts, but they don’t appear to be available to buy yet, nor are there any pre-orders up for grabs.

One Piece has always been popular, but Netflix’s backing of the series has kicked things up a notch. Several new Funko Pops modeled after characters featured in the live-action adaptation and also a few only in the anime and manga so far were released when the Netflix show was at the peak of its popularity. A Wanted Poster Luffy Pop! revealed that sold at New York Comic-Con was particularly popular, selling out almost immediately.

The most recent One Piece character to get the Funko Pop! treatment is one fans of the Netflix show alone might not realize they have technically already met. Sniper King, still known solely as Usopp in the live-action show. Potential spoilers ahead depending on the trajectory the Netflix versions of the show take, Usopp eventually breaks away from the Straw Hat Pirates, dons a mask, and calls himself Sniper King.

Sniper King one piece Funko Pop!

Sniper King Funko Pop!

Sniper King, an alter ego of one of the very first characters to join the Straw Hat Pirates, finally has his own Funko Pop! Compete with the character’s iconic mask, cape, and even a little slingshot.

There were a lot of One Piece Funko Pops out there already, but that collection has grown significantly in 2023. Lucky for you, we’ve got a guide to the very best ones, a mix of old and new, for you to choose from before you start or add to your collections. If you’re here for action figures, while we don’t have a guide dedicated to One Piece toys (yet), we do have one detailing all of the best Transformers action figures for sale right now.


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