Noble Inspiration Guide for Baldur’s Gate 3

Fully customizing your character in Baldur’s Gate 3 includes picking from several backgrounds that give your character a history from before you even start the game. These backgrounds lay the foundation for how your character acts and how they get inspired by different interactions in the world.



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Whether you choose to play a good-aligned character or an evil-aligned character, your background will influence how you play and how you earn Inspiration. Being a Noble means having privilege at your beck and call, and leading your party with an air of power.

What Is A Noble?

Tav and Shadowheart talking to Astarion in Baldur's Gate 3

As a Noble, you were born into a position of power and privilege that you’re accustomed to. You carry yourself differently, having spent time around the social elite, and benefit from your education.

Prior to being taken by the illithids on the Nautiloid, you enjoyed a life of luxury and an extensive education. You gain proficiency in History and Persuasion, which can be used to avoid combat and unlock unique dialogue options.

Performing actions that align with your Noble background will result in earning Inspiration, which can help you reroll Ability Checks when the initial roll fails.

You can hold up to four Inspiration at a time. Any additional Inspiration will be converted into experience.

How To Gain Noble Inspiration

To gain Inspiration as a Noble, you’ll need to accumulate power, wealth, and status. Conversing with others from elite backgrounds and learning their history will also benefit you.

You may not be able to complete every Background Goal in one playthrough, but there are plenty of options to pursue. Being able to reroll your Ability Checks ensures that you can do as you please, as nobles do.

You’ll find that more arrogant options will reap better rewards for you in terms of Inspiration.

Whether you choose to lead with your noble lineage or if you choose to seize power over your allies, you will become inspired as you explore the Sword Coast. Here’s how to gain Inspiration as a Noble:

Some Background Goals will contain spoilers.

Background Goal

How To Complete


Dragon’s Hoard

Have at least 2,000 gold among the party.


Fine By Me

Use your wealth to bribe a guard.


Penchant for Diplomacy

Reach a High level of approval with a companion.


Soul for Sale

Acquire a Soul Coin for your personal collection.


Noblesse Oblige

  • Dismiss a companion for interrupting a conversation.
  • Ignore the pleas or requests of a companion in dialogue.


An Apocalyptic Deal

Accept an impossible deal.



Earn a title for your deeds.

Act One

Protector of the Duke

Rescue Counsellor Florrick from the burning inn.

Act One

Bodyguards for Hire

Recruit the ogres to protect you.

Act One

A Man of Many Talents

Expand your retinue by bringing Volo to camp.

Act One

Eldritch Authority

Become a True Soul

Act One

Lest Ye Be Judged

Learn Astarion’s history as a magistrate.

Act One

Blueblood Solidarity

Learn Wyll’s family history.

Act One

An Iron Fist

Execute the goblins.

Act Two

A Velvet Glove

Spare the goblins.

Act Two

Noble Feline

Speak with the lordly cat at Last Light.

Act Two

Can’t Bribe ‘Em All

Bribe Moonrise’s Warden.

Act Two

Ketheric’s Loss

Learn Ketheric’s past.

Act Two

Taxes? Never Heard of ‘Em

Don’t give any gold to the toll collector.

Act Two

Favour for a Favour

Wake Art for Counsellor Florrick and the Flaming Fist.

Act Two

Patrician of the Grove

Recruit Halsin.

Act Two

Top of the Ladder

Meet Ketheric at the top of Moonrise.

Act Two

Interrupted Communications

Discover where the missing letters went.

Act Three

Defamed No More

Sabotage the printing press.

Act Three

Alms for the Unfortunate

Donate something to the refugees.

Act Three

Exerting Judgment

End the squabbling between the merchant and the squatters.

Act Three

Procedures be Damned

Enter Wyrm’s Rock without a pass.

Act Three

Newfound Subject

Feed a brain to the freshly turned mind flayer.

Act Three

The Right Oil for Any Situation

Gain access to the circus.

Act Three

Titles for the Collection

Become the Unholy Assassin of Bhaal.

Act Three

Wine Connoisseur

Warn Mrs. Highberry of the poisoned wine.

Act Three

Underbelly Diplomat

Gain access to the Undercellar.

Act Three

Best Ways To Use Inspiration

Baldur's Gate 3 - Nadira the Tiefling accuses a drow PC of extorting her Soul Coin

While your party members may not have the Noble background, your character can! Many ways to get Inspiration as a Noble include finding gold and gaining authority.

Since your party members won’t have this background, you can diversify your party to maximize how much Inspiration you have.

You can use your Inspiration to reroll Ability Checks that can help find diplomatic solutions to potentially volatile situations.

While you can choose to make your own decisions in Baldur’s Gate 3, it greatly benefits you to make choices that align with your background.

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