New Disney100 Squishmallows Mini Plush Set Now Available On Amazon


  • Celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary with exclusive Disney100 Squishmallows plushes, available on Amazon for $40.
  • The five-pack includes five-inch size Squishmallows of classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell, each with a shiny silver finish.
  • These adorable plushes are a great collectible for Disney fans, and there are also other Squishmallows available for the Disney100 collaboration, as well as new regular Squishmallows on Amazon.



Disney is in the midst of celebrating its 100th anniversary, and now you can get your hands on some exclusive Disney100 Squishmallows plushes to join in, too.

The five-pack of Disney100 Squishmallows is now available on Amazon for $40, and it includes five-inch size Squishmallows plushes, each a different character from Disney’s extensive catalog.

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The pack features classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, as well as fan-favorite characters Stitch, the Cheshire Cat, and Tinker Bell. To fit the Disney100 theme, each plush has a shiny, silver finish, with their outfits bringing a bright pop of color.

Squishmallows Disney100 5-Inch 5-Pack Plush Set-1

Squishmallows Disney100 5-Inch 5-Pack Plush Set

To celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary, it’s collaborated with Squishmallows to create some adorable plushes. This set includes five mini Squishmallows, coming in at five inches tall. The characters included are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Stitch, Cheshire Cat, and Tinker Bell.

The plushes are adorable, especially with the signature Squishmallows face style, and are a great collectible if you’re a big fan of Disney. You’ll probably want to keep them inside the box to keep them pristine, as it’s likely these will be a limited run.

The previous mini plush pack, which features Winnie the Pooh rather than Cheshire Cat, is almost sold out, so you’ll want to pick that up while it’s still available, too.

There are some other full-size Squishmallows available for the Disney100 collaboration, like the 14-inch Band Leader Mickey Mouse. Mickey looks particularly dapper, and the red and gold accents perfectly complement the main silver tone for the anniversary.

If you’re looking for more new Squishmallows, it seems like a bunch of new regular Squishmallows have recently dropped on the Amazon storefront, including Mipsy the Green Axolotl and Lockwood the Rockhopper Penguin. Perfect gifts for yourself, or for stocking up on gifts for the holiday season, no?

There’s likely to be plenty more Squishmallows drops in the lead up to the holidays, Disney100 related or otherwise, so keep an eye out!

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