Netflix Reveals First Look At Sonic Prime Season 3

Sonic Prime has been going strong for a little while now, and has managed to establish itself as a pretty popular TV series in the Sonic community. A large part of that is down to the character relationships portrayed in the show, as well as the sickening twist at the end of Season 2 which had fans begging Netflix for a Season 3 release date. While we’re still waiting for that elusive date to be revealed, Netflix has done the next best thing and released a short teaser for Season 3 to get fans excited.



The teaser was revaled via the official Netflix Geeked account, and starts out with Sonic coming to terms with the results of him shattering the Paradox Prism. We also see Sonic teaming up with Shadow to take on several different foes, as well as a confrontation between Sonic and Nine after the latter takes the repaired Paradox Prism to the Grim. This is then followed by a short teaser for a team of seemingly villanous robots that appear to have similar features to Sonic’s friends.

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Unfortunately, this teaser is all that you Sonic Prime fans will have to settle for right now, as Netflix still hasn’t revealed the release date for Season 3 just yet. Instead, the announcement tweet simply states that it will be “coming soon”, so it seems like we may be in for a bit more of wait until we can see the dramatic conclusion to the show. It’s possible Season 3 could drop later this year still, though we’re more likely looking at an Early 2024 release.

It was a pretty big day for Netflix today, as not only did it reveal a short teaser for Sonic Prime, but it also revealed sneak peeks at several other gaming anime adaptations it has in the works. First off, we got to see a first look at Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft, which will focus on the “iconic rise of Lara Croft”. We didn’t get a release date for that either, only the promise of a 2024 launch.

After that, we got the announcement that a Devil May Cry anime adaptation is also in the works, with longtime series developer Hideaki Itsuno acting as supervisor. It was also revealed that the animation studio behind the project will be Studio Mir, which you may know from Avatar: The Legend of Korra and The Witcher anime series. It’s also being created by Adi Shankar, who was the leading figure behind Netflix’s popular Catslevania anime adaptation, so at least Dante and friends are in good hands.

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