NBA 2K24: Best W Players, Ranked


  • The article highlights the top-rated WNBA players in NBA 2K24, including Napheesa Collier, Jackie Young, Chelsea Gray, Sabrina Ionescu, Candace Parker, Nneka Ogwumike, Elena Delle Donne, Brittney Griner, Breanna Stewart, and A’ja Wilson.
  • Each player’s strengths and skills are described, including their offensive abilities, defensive prowess, and contributions to their respective teams.
  • A’ja Wilson is recognized as the highest-rated WNBA player in the game, known for her dominance on both ends of the court and her role in leading the Las Vegas Aces to a championship.



As the weather begins to cool outside, basketball season is around the corner. NBA 2K24 has arrived with the most up-to-date rosters and graphics for the ultimate basketball experience.

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Similar to previous iterations, NBA 2K24 also includes the WNBA teams and players. These women are the best basketball players on the planet and we highlight the top-rated WNBA players in the game.

10 Napheesa Collier – 89

Napheesa Collier layup

The Minnesota Lynx crushed the 2019 WNBA Draft by selecting Napheesa Collier with the sixth overall pick. In five seasons, Collier has reached the WNBA All-Star game three times. This season, Collier averaged a career-high 21.5 points per game and solidified her spot among the top players in the league.

Collier is a mobile forward who slashes between defenders to score near the basket (A-). She has a decent mid-range jumper (B-) and can hit the occasional three-pointer (C+) but she provides the most offensive upside in the painted area. On the defensive end, Collier lockdowns the interior (A) and the perimeter (A+).

9 Jackie Young – 89

Jackie Young bringing the ball up

Much of the success that the Las Vegas Aces have experienced in recent years began with the drafting of Jackie Young. The guard was picked first overall by the Aces in 2019 and the team proceeded to win a championship in 2022. On top of winning a title, Young was selected to back-to-back All-Star games.

Young is an exceptional three-point shooter (A+) but who’s also capable of driving to the rim (A). When she’s not slashing toward the basket or spotting up beyond the arc, she creates plays for her teammates around the court (A-).

8 Chelsea Gray – 89

Chelsea Gray layup

Initially drafted by the Connecticut Sun, Chelsea Gray only spent one season in the Northeast before being shipped off to the Los Angeles Sparks. Gray wasn’t a major contributor for the Sparks in her first season but Los Angeles won the WNBA title. She spent four more seasons in Los Angeles and was selected to three All-Star games before joining the Las Vegas Aces.

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In Sin City, Gray helped the Aces win another championship and are on the cusp of a third title. She’s an exceptional all-around scorer, doing her most damage from beyond the arc (A+). Gray is an excellent perimeter defender (A+) and works her magic to get her teammates involved (A+). There are several reasons why the Aces are the top team in the WNBA and Gray is one of them.

7 Sabrina Ionescu – 90

Sabrina Ionescu

The New York Liberty selected Sabrina Ionescu from Oregon with the first overall pick in 2020 and the team has been blessed with one of the best guards in the league. In four seasons with the Liberty, Ionescu has reached two All-Star games and averages about 17 points per game and nearly six assists.

While Ionescu can easily score from beyond the arc (A+) or under the basket (B+), her main value is involving her teammates (A+). She can command the offense extremely well and dissect a defense from the top of the key. Ionescu is a gifted offensive general on the court and should be the leader of the Liberty for years to come.

6 Candace Parker – 90

Candace Parker layup

One of the most iconic WNBA players is still among the very best in her sixteenth season. In nearly two decades, Candace Parker has won two championships and been named to seven All-Star games, along with two MVP trophies. Parker is one of the most decorated WNBA players of all time, and despite having the lowest statistical season of her career, she’s on the cusp of another title.

Parker’s skills have started to decline but she’s still an easy bucket under the basket (A+). If needed, she can also spot up from three (B-) but her days of frequently scoring double-digits are behind her. She’s a tough interior defender (A+) and her value as a leader is incalculable.

5 Nneka Ogwumike – 92

Nneka Ogwumike shooting mid-range

In 2012, Nneka Ogwumike was the top choice of the draft to the Los Angeles Sparks. The forward from Stanford joined a roster with Candace Parker and the pair rebuilt the team. Ogwumike was an immediate difference-maker for the Sparks, as she averaged 14 points in her rookie season. In 2016, Ogwumike was the league MVP and helped the Sparks win the WNBA title.

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While other players like Parker have since left the Sparks, Ogwumike is still with the team as its long-time veteran. She’s a great inside scorer (A-) with the shooting ability to knock down a few three-pointers (B-). On the defensive end, Ogwumike can shut down players on the perimeter (A) or close to the basket (A+).

4 Elena Delle Donne – 92

Elena Delle Donne floater

Drafted second overall by the Chicago Sky in 2013, Elena Delle Donne instantly became a star in the WNBA and was named an All-Star in her first three seasons. She’s earned two MVP trophies in her illustrious career and a championship with the Washington Mystics in 2019.

Although her offensive abilities have begun to slow down, she’s still an incredible scorer from all levels. She thrives from the mid-range (A+) but can stretch defenses out to the three-point line (A). But what separates her on the offensive end is her ability to create opportunities for her teammates (A) from a forward position. Her unique offensive talents have secured her place in WNBA history.

3 Brittney Griner – 92

Brittney Griner layup

The nightmare that Brittney Griner endured throughout 2022 finally came to an end. After spending ten months imprisoned in Russia, Griner was released back to America and she resumed her WNBA career. Throughout her ten seasons with the Phoenix Mercury, Griner has been selected to the All-Star game eight times.

Griner is arguably the best interior defender (A+) in the WNBA. She guards the rim extremely well and can disrupt the opposition when they drive to the basket. On the offensive end, she does the most damage inside (A) or from mid-range (A). The Phoenix Mercury sorely missed Griner’s presence in the middle and will certainly have more success with her back in the fold.

2 Breanna Stewart – 97

Breanna Stewart shooting three-pointer

While Breanna Stewart isn’t the highest-rated WNBA player in the game, at times she can be regarded as the best player in real life. She’s been named an All-Star five times in seven seasons and won the MVP award in 2018. For her career, Stewart has averaged an impressive 20.8 points per game.

Stewart is one of the most offensively gifted players in the league, capable of scoring from all three levels. She’s most effective from beyond the arc (A+) but can drive to the basket with ease (A). But what makes Stewart special is her ability to shut down opposing players on the defensive end. She’s a lockdown interior defender (A+) and can stifle perimeter players (A-).

1 A’ja Wilson – 98

A'ja Wilson shooting three-pointer

The best player on the best team is naturally the holder of the top spot in NBA 2K24. Since being drafted first overall in 2018, A’ja Wilson has dominated the WNBA. She’s won two MVP awards and received five All-Star selections in her six-year career. Her dominant player helped lead the Las Vegas Aces to a championship last season and they’re on the cusp of another title.

Offensively, Wilson is a destructive force in the painted area (A+) and has smooth shooting from mid-range (A+) and beyond the arc (A). She’s equally as impactful on the defensive end, shutting down her matchups in the post (A+) and on the perimeter (A). Without question, Wilson is the most talented player in the league and is more than deserving of being the highest-rated WNBA player in NBA 2K24.

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