NBA 2K24: Best Power Forwards, Ranked


  • Karl-Anthony Towns is a versatile offensive threat who can score from inside, mid-range, and beyond the arc, but his main value lies in stretching defenses with his outside shooting.
  • Julius Randle has expanded his offensive repertoire to include an effective three-point shot and is an excellent interior defender, making him a valuable player for any team.
  • Evan Mobley is primarily known for his defensive prowess and struggles to stretch a defense out to the three-point line, but he fits well with the other star players on the Cleveland Cavaliers.



Typically, power forwards in the NBA are bigger frontcourt players who generally score inside but might be able to stretch defenses out to the three-point line. These players might also blend with the center position but they’re more mobile on offense and defense.

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In NBA 2K24, these players have the skill set to take advantage of most matchups and can all make massive impacts on offense. As we examine the top power forwards in the game, we’re going to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and how they change the game.

10 Karl-Anthony Towns – 85

Karl-Anthony Towns shooting free throw

Speaking of players who have changed the game, Karl-Anthony Towns believes he’s made a massive impact in today’s NBA. While that isn’t true whatsoever, Towns is an interesting offensive player who has spent part of his career being the top offensive option and now is taking a backseat to rising star Anthony Edwards.

In his eighth season with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Towns averaged his lowest amount of points per game (20.8) since his rookie season but the team experienced the most success of his tenure. As a three-level threat, Towns can score the basketball from inside (A-), mid-range (A+), and beyond the arc (B). He’s a decent interior defender (B) and rebounder (B) but his main value is how he can stretch opposing defenses with his outside shooting.

9 Julius Randle – 85

Julius Randle setting a screen

After spending one season in New Orleans, Julius Randle joined the New York Knicks and became the leading man in the Big Apple. Last season, Randle convinced Jalen Brunson to join him and the pair managed to turn the Knicks into a competitive team in the Eastern Conference. Last season, Randle averaged a career-high 25.1 points per game, along with ten rebounds per game.

While many think of Randle as a bruising offensive player who ferociously attacks the rim (A+), he’s expanded his offensive repertoire to include an effective three-point shot (B-). He’s an excellent interior defender (B+) but can sometimes lose focus in a game. Randle is a compelling player who might not be good enough to be the best player on a contender but someone who will definitely help a team win games.

8 Evan Mobley – 85

Evan Mobley floater

Among the top power forwards, Evan Mobley is the least offensive-minded of the group. The Cleveland Cavalier is a stout interior defender (A+) and has been regarded as one of the best defenders in only two seasons in the NBA.

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On offense, Mobley can score if needed but shouldn’t be relied upon on this end of the court. He’s a serviceable inside scorer (B-) and can hit the mid-range effectively (B+) but cannot stretch a defense out to the three-point line (D+). Mobley is a traditional power forward but fits well with the other star players in Cleveland.

7 DeMar DeRozan – 86

DeMar DeRozan mid-range shot

Following a brief stint with the San Antonio Spurs, DeMar DeRozan formed a new “superteam” in Chicago with Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic on the Bulls. However, the Bulls failed to achieve anything with the trio, despite DeRozan being one of the best mid-range shooters (A+) in the NBA. If DeRozan hopes to win a ring before he retires, it won’t be in a Bulls uniform.

Aside from scoring from mid-range, DeRozan is a great inside scorer (A) and can connect from deep (B-) but usually limits his shot selection to the mid-range. As a playmaking three-level threat, DeRozan also keeps an eye out for his teammates (B+) and can hold his own on the perimeter on defense (B).

6 Jaren Jackson Jr. – 86

Jaren Jackson Jr shooting three-pointer

Since 2018, the Memphis Grizzlies have nailed on most of their draft picks, including Jaren Jackson Jr. The power forward has quietly turned into a Defensive Player of the Year candidate, while also becoming a top offensive player for Memphis. Jackson Jr. averaged a career-high 18.6 points and 6.8 rebounds per game last season.

Although Jackson Jr. is one of the top interior defenders (A+) in the NBA, he struggles with picking up fouls and staying healthy. He’s a two-way three-level threat who can spread defenses out by spotting up beyond the arc (B). If Jackson Jr. can reduce his fouls and snag a few more rebounds per night, he’ll quickly become one of the best power forwards in the game.

5 Kristaps Porzingis – 86

Kristaps Porzingis dunk

For the last two seasons, Kristaps Porzingis tried his best to make the Washington Wizards competitive. The power forward averaged a career-high 23.2 points per game last season but the Wizards elected to enact a full rebuild and traded him to the Boston Celtics.

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Alongside Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, Porzingis should provide an upgrade as a third offensive option. As a two-way inside-out scorer, Porzingis has the delicate touch to score under the basket (A+) and can knock down deep three-pointers (A-). He’s an excellent overall defender, able to lock down his opposition inside (A) and on the perimeter (A-).

4 Pascal Siakam – 86

Pascal Siakam dunk

Pascal Siakam enjoyed a career year in his seventh season with the Toronto Raptors. Siakam averaged 24.2 points and nearly eight rebounds per game. Although Siakam continued to establish himself as a top offensive threat, the Raptors failed to be competitive all season.

As a two-way three-level playmaker, Siakam is capable of scoring from inside (A-), mid-range (B+), and beyond the arc (B-). He’s a mobile defender, capable of guarding in the frontcourt (A) and backcourt (A-). Siakam is one of the smartest power forwards in the game (A+) and understands how to dissect a defense.

3 Zion Williamson – 90

Zion Williamson layup

Following the Anthony Davis trade, it wasn’t long before the New Orleans Pelicans found their new franchise superstar. Drafted first overall in 2019, Zion Williamson won Rookie of the Year and quickly proved to be a dynamic player on offense. However, Williamson suffered through several injuries that limited him last season.

Williamson is one of the best attackers in the game, delivering earth-shattering dunks (A+). Right now, Willamson’s offensive game is limited to inside opportunities but he could hit a three-pointer (C+) if left open. He’s not a great defender but surely makes up for it on the offensive end.

2 Kevin Durant – 96

Kevin Durant shooting three-pointer

The Brooklyn Nets hoped a trio of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden would usher in the next successful NBA superteam. However, the experiment ended in a complete disaster, and the Nets fulfilled Durant’s trade request to the Phoenix Suns. Though Durant only played eight games with the Suns in the regular season, he showed how special he can be with Devin Booker.

Throughout his 16-year career, Durant has always been mentioned in the discussion of who is the best basketball player in the world. He has perfect offensive ratings (A+) and he’s an exceptional perimeter defender (A+). Durant’s a special player who also uses his height to make plays (A+) for his teammates. His days of being among the greatest in the league might be coming to an end, but Durant’s mere presence continues to make a massive impact.

1 Giannis Antetokounmpo – 96

Giannis Antetokounmpo dunk

The title for top power forward in NBA 2K24 belongs to Milwaukee Bucks’s Giannis Antetokounmpo. Milwaukee’s superstar finally cashed in on his first NBA championship in 2021, overcoming a 2-0 deficit against the Phoenix Suns. However, the Bucks were upset by Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat in the first round last season, despite having the best record in the NBA.

Antetokounmpo averaged a career-high 31.1 points per game with his physical drives to the basket (A+). When Antetokounmpo decides he’s getting to the rim, it’s nearly impossible to stop him. He’s one of the best overall defenders in the league, locking down players on the perimeter (A+) and interior (A+). The one thing missing from Antetokounmpo’s offensive arsenal is a consistent jump shot, but for now, the tools and skills he does have make him the best power forward in the game.

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