MultiVersus Is Back On The PlayStation Store As Director Teases A “Good Day”

After being removed earlier this year, MultiVersus has reappeared on the PlayStation Store, just as the game’s director teases that it has been a “good day”.



If you were a big fan of MultiVersus like myself, then 2023 has been a bit of a dire year for you. Not only did content for the game slow down to an absolute crawl just after Christmas, but it was then announced that the game would be taken offline until 2024 to allow time for the developers to make more content and essentially relaunch something that hadn’t ever had the chance to properly launch in the first place.

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The developers at Player First Games have given us some updates on MultiVersus since it was delisted in April, but a lot of players have still sceptically believed that the game might never return, which is fair enough considering how bad the live-service market is right now. For those non-believers and anyone worried about the fate of MultiVersus, there’s some good news for you, as the game has already returned to the PlayStation Store.

As pointed out by reliable MultiVersus insider multiversusie, MultiVersus can once again be spotted on the PlayStation Store, which should restore some faith that it’s being worked on still and is likely to make a comeback. The game can’t actually be purchased or downloaded right now and simply shows up as “Announced” with a release date to be determined. Still, it’s a far sight better than the game being completely removed from the storefront.

It’s not clear right now exactly what MultiVersus going back up on the PlayStation Store means for the game and its current development status, but it seems likely that we might be gearing up to get our first look at it before the year is up. When it was taken offline, players were promised that it would be coming back in “early 2024”, which means that a re-reveal before the end of the year could be possible.

To make matters even more exciting, MultiVersus’ director, Tony Huynh, shared a tweet on the same day that it was discovered that the game had reappeared on the PlayStation Store. The tweet simply reads, “Today was a good day.”, which isn’t much of a tease but it is interesting that it happened on the same day as one of the first signs of MultiVersus coming back.

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