MTG Retailer Troll And Toad To Stop Selling Singles Due To Constant Reprints

When it comes to Magic: The Gathering retailers, you don’t get much bigger than Troll and Toad. The company has been selling Magic: The Gathering cards since 1994, and is one of the longest running Magic retailers in the business, having been selling the line for the past three decades. However, it seems as though it’s time as a Magic retailer is coming to an end, as it was announced earlier today that Troll and Toad will stop selling singles and sealed products at the end of 2023.



First reported by ICv2, Troll and Toad owner Ben Burns has explained that while the decision to stop purchasing Magic singles is down to several factors, there are two main issues. First off, Burns explained that selling Magic cards is no longer as profitable as it once was, and that other TCG products from other series such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and One Piece are performing much better.

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Burns puts the reason as to why Magic is no longer profitable down to the fact that Wizards of the Coast keeps pumping out constant reprints and too many variants of valuable cards, which has sometimes led to Troll and Toad buying cards at a loss thanks to new reprints being announced shortly after purchase. The reprinting of non-tournament-legal reserved-list cards from the Magic: The Gathering – 30th Anniversary Edition also caused the team at Troll and Toad great concern.

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“Magic is not profitable enough for our company to continue carrying right nowl,” said Burns. “Sometimes it felt like I was only stocking Magic product because I loved the game so much.”

Because of this, Burns has now announced that Troll and Toad will only take delivery on the next two rounds of sealed Magic product before halting sales completely on January 1, 2024. Burns also explained that the company is looking to hold a sale fairly soon in order to get rid of all the Magic singles and sealed products from its warehouses, though a date for sale has not yet been announced.

In other Magic: The Gathering news, Wizards of the Coast is paying to tribute to Commander Rules Committee co-founder Sheldon Menery by giving him his own card. Menery sadly passed at the beginning of September, and was widely beloved amongst the game’s community for being one of the founders of Magic’s Commander format. We don’t know when the card will be released, but the art was shown off during a MagicCon panel that took place late last month.

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