Mortal Kombat Fans Don’t Like MK1’s Havik

Despite wanting Havik to be reintroduced in the series ever since the 2009 reboot, Mortal Kombat fans seemingly aren’t too impressed with MK1’s version of the character.



Thanks to the removal of the Special Forces and the focus on fan-favourite characters instead of introducing new blood, Mortal Kombat 1’s launch roster is undoubtedly one of the best the series has ever seen. That’s especially true for fans of the 3D era as almost all of the heavy hitters from that generation have returned like Nitara, Ashrah, Kenshi, and Li Mei. The returning fighter that fans seemed to be the most excited about before release was undoubtedly Havik, but it seems that the tables have turned a bit now the game has actually released.

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Over on the Mortal Kombat subreddit, Redditor Significant_Ad8510 shared a meme comparing Havik in Liu Kang’s new timeline to the original version of the character, while saying that they aren’t “a fan of the new Havik”. The image, which is a version of the classic chad vs virgin meme, has the new Havik crying and saying “stop opressing me” while classic Havik simply says “I like Chaos”.

It seems that a decent portion of Mortal Kombat fans agree with the post, as it already has 3,000 upvotes and is one of the hottest threads on the subreddit as of the time of writing. Fans shared some of the reasons why they don’t like the new version of Havik in the comments, with some of the most common complaints being that he’s a “jobber” and that he has little to no impact on the story.

Another issue that fans have with this version of Havik is that he isn’t actually Havik. As revealed in an intro dialogue with Reptile, his real identity in this timeline is Dairou, a rather unpopular Mortal Kombat character from the 3D era. Not only does this seem like a pointless change since it’s just mentioned in an intro, but it also erases both Havik’s original identity and Dairou’s. Not that anyone cares about Dairou, but still.

Just in case you don’t believe that most Mortal Kombat fans aren’t too impressed with the new version of Havik, Redditor TopTheropod shared an even more detailed meme that also points out how the new Havik is worse than the original. Some of the reasons that they point out include Havik’s pointless identity change, his new background as a resident of Seido instead of Chaosrealm, his focus on fighting oppression instead of causing chaos. and the fact that his messed up face has nothing to do with his character this time around.

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