Mortal Kombat 1 Reptile Actor May Have Leaked T-1000 Terminator DLC

In an interview with Dan Allen Gaming, Reptile actor Andrew Morgado accidentally let slip that Robert Patrick was filming lines for Mortal Kombat DLC as T-1000, the villainous android shapeshifter from Terminator 2.



He revealed this after saying that he saw Ronda Rousey at Warner Brothers’ green room, later mentioning the Robocop MK11 DLC. Rousey infamously played Sonya Blade in MK11, and there was also Terminator DLC for that game. It’s also worth noting that Morgado played the Kollector in MK11, so this anecdote is likely from his time in the last game, not MK1. As such, it’s possible he meant T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and simply got the designation wrong. But that seems unlikely.

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He mentions Patrick directly rather than T-800’s actor, Chris Cox, so it doesn’t appear to be a case of mixing up the two characters. Fans theorise that either lines were being recorded in advance for MK1 or T-1000 got pushed back. While you could make the argument that the character may have been scrapped entirely, especially as there are rumours that MK11 was meant to have a third Kombat Pack, there are other leaks pointing to T-1000 in MK1.

Datamined voice lines for Peacemaker, who is confirmed to be in the first Kombat Pack, show that he tells an unknown character that he looks “just like my dad”. In the show, Peacemaker’s father is played by none other than Robert Patrick. This could very well be a meta-joke aimed at T-1000.

Whatever the case, it’ll be a while before we find out. The first Kombat Pack will be rolled out in singular instalments lasting until mid-2024 at least, and we know that T-1000 is not part of the line-up. It’s possible he’s in the second Kombat Pack, which we know a little about thanks to leakers and teases from Ed Boon himself.

In September, TheThiny found intro voice lines that seemed to point to Conan the Barbarian (who leaked before the game even launched), Noob Saibot, Ghostface, Jade, Cassie Cage, robot Cyrax, and Kung Jin. Perhaps T-1000 will join this roster.

In the meantime, we have the first Kombat Pack to look forward to, and there’s still a big mystery that’s yet to be answered. We know John Cena is playing Peacemaker and J. K. Simmons Omni-Man, but there’s no word on whether Antony Starr will reprise his role as Homelander. When asked on Instagram, he didn’t give a concrete answer, simply replying, “mmmmmmm”. Nice and vague.

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