Mortal Kombat 1 Leaks Reveal Takeda Is Kenshi’s Cousin, Not Son

Mortal Kombat 1 is set in a new timeline written by Fire God Liu Kang, which means certain relationships and identities have changed. Kuai Liang is now Scorpion, Mileena and Kitana are sisters, and Tarkatan is a disease, not a people. That leaves the question of where the Kombat Kids fit in, but leakers may have found the answer in datamined DLC voice lines which were proven true by the Omni-Man trailer.



For context, Takeda (one of the Kombat Kids, Kenshi’s son in the last timeline) is part of the first Kombat Pack. He isn’t from another reality, either. This Takeda is part of Liu Kang’s new world, but he’s too old to be Kenshi’s son, so they’re now cousins.

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  • “Baraka: Do you fight like your cousin?
  • Takeda: I like to think I fight better.

  • Kung Lao: Your cousin says you can fight.
  • Takeda: That’s an understatement.

  • Scorpion: The War you are fighting, you cannot win alone.
  • Takeda: Tell that to my cousin, Kuai Liang.

  • Liu Kang: Your cousin’s cause is noble.
  • Takeda: That doesn’t make it mine.”

Really hammering home that new dynamic, eh? But not everyone is convinced. Some fans theorise that Takeda, among the other Kombat Kids, is a time traveller from the future, set to reshape history for whatever reason. As such, Takeda may want to conceal his identity, so rather than revealing that he is Kenshi’s son, he tells everyone that they’re cousins. While this is a decent theory in line with past Mortal Kombat stories, there’s a major flaw – Liu Kang.

Liu Kang calls the two cousins in his datamined voice line, and given that he is the god of this reality and shaped it into what it is now, he would know the truth. Especially with Geras at his side, who is keeping tabs on the hourglass. Fooling the creator of the timeline seems a little more farfetched. The two are probably just cousins.

Other leaks claim that Jacqui is a friend of Jax’s and Kung Jin is a Shaolin trainee, so it’s clear that NetherRealm is trying to reintroduce the Kombat Kids without using another time skip. Three out of four of them have been repurposed, but Cassie’s relationship to the original characters is still unknown. It’s possible that Johnny Cage is still her dad and she’s just turned 18, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Further datamined voice lines also reveal that Takeda has formed a bond with Hanzo, who is Scorpion in the old timeline. In Fire God Liu Kang’s reality, he is a child in training, but the new Scorpion, Kuai Lang, says that Takeda has become almost like his “big brother”. Clearly, things are a little different this time, but at least the Kombat Kids are back.

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