More Sora Smash Ultimate Amiibo Pre-Orders Are Available At GameStop

Sora’s amiibo will be released on February 16, 2024, completing the Nintendo Switch’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate collection. 95 figures in total, the Kingdom Hearts protagonist the one character from the game players once believed would never get his own amiibo. Clearly, everyone is pretty excited Nintendo managed to make a Sora amiibo happen, and if you’ve been struggling to find a pre-order for the final figure, there are now more available at GameStop.



Sora’s amiibo has the hero with his keyblade slung over his shoulder and, like most other regular Smash amiibo, it costs $15.99. Pre-orders for the amiibo started to appear two weeks ago but, as already noted, they’ve been notoriously hard to find. Not only is Sora a pretty popular guy, but the availability of amiibo beyond release day is always pretty random. There’s no telling whether Sora will be reprinted and restocked after his initial wave, or if these first amiibo will be the only ones available.


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If you do keep trying and failing to bag that elusive Sora amiibo pre-order, the reprints of other figures should provide hope that even when Nintendo appears have left an amiibo firmly in the past, there’s every chance new ones will be sold in the future. Terry, Joker, and Banjo-Kazooie’s amiibo have all been reprinted, pre-orders available, if you can find them, and a release date set for February 16, 2024, the same day as Sora.

Sora amiibo

Sora Amiibo

Sora’s amiibo is real and coming in 2024. The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character to get his own figure, something that wasn’t a sure thing due to Kingdom Hearts’ Disney connection.

Shulk’s amiibo has also been reprinted and will be re-released before Sora and the other Fighter Pass figures. Shulk’s figure will re-release in January on the same day as the Noah and Mio Xenoblade two-pack releases. Clearly, Nintendo appears to be using new amiibo to target fans of certain games who might have gaps in their collections. With no new amiibo announced after Sora, this might be the final time that happens, especially with Nintendo likely announcing a new console in 2024.

If a Switch successor really is coming soon, and with Nintendo reprinting certain amiibo, there has never been a better time to pick up any you missed out on. If you’re an avid collector unsure what to pick up next, or a newbie wondering where to start, we have guides on all sorts of amiibo and the very best one from every series including Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda, and of course, Super Smash Bros.


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