Moonstone Island: Beginner Tips

Moonstone Island is a lovely indie gem that will bring joy to fans of farming sims, exploration, alchemy, and creature collection. You will find yourself joining the community on Moonstone Island as their new alchemist after a rather unique introduction.



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Making friends in a new place can be hard, but do not fret. The townsfolk are happy to have you! As you grow in your craft, there is plenty to do so you will never feel short of ideas and activities. You will place your first home, complete quests, grow relationships, and, of course, you will be exploring the many islands surrounding your quaint town.

Talk To Everyone To Unlock Quests And Content

Moonstone Island Ferra Gives Furnace Recipe

Not only will you need to talk to the members of your community to grow your relationships with them, but many NPCs will assign quests very early on. These quests are important, as they are quick ways to earn coins and knowledge.

One example is Ossono’s quest for stone. Once you’ve completed the quest, she will tell you where the island’s mine is and give you a payment of 500 coins (on top of the 100 earned for selling the stones).

Whenever you complete a quest, be sure to speak to the NPC who assigned it to you to earn your rewards!

If you are unsure of whom to speak with, check the quest logs in your journal.

Collect Everything You Find

Moonstone Island Father Saying Flax Is Good For Taming Spirits

That means everything! Forage materials and any other treasure you stumble across. All other mechanics in Moonstone Island will rely on the items you collect. You can craft new items, restore spirit health, capture spirits, and plenty more.

Moonstones are one item you’ll want to collect whenever you see them. These are rare treasures that are surrounded by a beautiful glow, so they are much easier to spot at night.

Unlock Seeds In The General Store

Keep in mind that foraging seeds rather than simply picking up plants will be much more beneficial.

When you sell seeds to Gaiana and Ofelia at the greenhouse, the general store will gain that type of seed the following day. You will quickly find yourself with infinite access to more plants than you know what to do with!

Be Careful What You Sell And Where You Sell It

Moonstone Island Talking To Tobin

Speaking of which, be careful with what you sell. You may find that selling items is not as worth it as it may seem. You never know which items a quest will require, so hang on to a little bit of everything.

When you are ready to sell an item, think twice about using that nice Sell Crate you made during Ossono’s quest. The Sell Crate is convenient and easy to use, but you will earn many more coins if you sell items to their specified island member. For example, selling fish to Tobin will earn you much more than plopping those fish into your Sell Crate.

Level Up Your Spirits

Moonstone Island Spirit Upgrade Selection

When your spirit levels up at the end of a battle, you will get an informative notification detailing exactly what your spirit earned… but the changes will not be in effect.

To fully level up your spirit, enter your medallion and interact with the spirit. You can then upgrade one of their stats and add a card to your deck.

Moonstone Island Inactive Archway

Extra talisman upgrades can be gained by activating the arches found across the islands. With each activation, you will be given the option to add, remove, or upgrade a card in your deck! Make sure you jump into your medallion to apply the effects of your choice.

Focus On That Armor

Moonstone Island Mumbleweed dizzy and with zero armor

Dwindling the armor of your enemies will be a key component of battling. Not only will this increase the damage your spirits are capable of, but the enemy will become dizzy for the following turn, preventing it from attacking.

Get Your Spirit Barn

Moonstone Island Spirit Research Summary And Earnings

The Spirit Barn is a powerful building that allows you to have more than the three spirits that your medallion allows. Although the three spirits in your medallion will explore with you on your journey, you will want many more spirits than that to truly have the Moonstone Island experience.

The recipe for a Spirit Barn will be gifted to you as a reward for completing Zed’s quest for spirit research.

Speaking of spirit research, turn in your research to Zed every once in a while. This is a quick and easy way to earn extra coins.

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