MKR 2023 finale winner crowned: Radha and Prabha announced as winners

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the My Kitchen Rules finale

Channel 7 has crowned the winner of the 2023 season of My Kitchen Rules in a dramatic finale Tuesday night.

The last episode of this season, fronted by Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge with special guest Nigella Lawson, saw NSW identical twins Radha and Prabha battle it out against Victorian friends Nick and Christian.

After a tense cook which saw the teams produce a four-course menu, Radha and Prabha were named overall winners, taking out the title and a $100,000 cash prize.

The sisters received a score of 27 out of 30, while Nick and Christian trailed closely behind with a score of 25.

It went right down to the wire to declare a winner, with the judges saying the decision wasn’t an easy one.

“As grand finalists, they haven’t made it easy,” Fassnidge said after trying all courses. “I need a bit of thinking to do on this one.”

Feildel added it was “splitting hairs” to pick a winner.

Both teams were tasked with preparing a “perfect” four-course menu for the judges and past contestants, meaning they each had to dish up more than 100 plates of food.

At one stage during the cook-off, things weren’t looking good for Radha and Prabha during preparation of their third course, which was Chicken Biryani.

As they sliced the chicken, Radha completely “froze” in the middle of the kitchen, with the judges fearing she was having a panic attack.

Lawson ran over to comfort Radha, who immediately burst into tears.

“Keep yourself centred,” Lawson assured her. “You’re great cooks, you’re going to give us lovely food.

“Concentrate on making food you want to eat.”

Radha told the cameras she began to worry about not doing the meal justice, given its strong ties to her family.

“This is a big deal for me, this dish especially,” she said. “If I stuff this dish up, I don’t think my mum or my grandfather would be proud of me at all.”

After calming down, Radha conceded, “I feel so silly crying while that clock is ticking.”

The sisters ultimately got it together and produced a tasty meal for the judges, who heaped glowing praise on their dish.

“I love the fragrant spicy biryani, then the acidity and crisp of the onion,” Feildel said. “All of this makes sense.”

Nick and Christian’s best offering of the night was their dessert, which they called ‘3181 Mess’ – a deconstructed meringue dish.

“We have put up, what I believe, is one of the best desserts of the competition,” Christian said. “It’s all on the line right now.”

The judges agreed, with Fassnidge saying it was easily their most impressive dish of the night.

“The texture and flavour in the Yuzu curd is amazing,” Lawson added. “Talk about ending on a high.”


Radha and Prabha:

Entree: Spicy fish fry

Second course: Kerala prawn curry

Main: Chicken biryani

Dessert: Pistachio ice cream chocolate dome

Nick and Christian:

Entree: Scallops with black pudding

Second course: Crayfish with vadouvan butter

Main: Bevette with red wine jus and truffle

Dessert: 3181 mess

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