Millie Bobby Brown sparks backlash with pet peeve confession

Millie Bobby Brown has sparked a backlash from fans after she revealed her number one pet peeve in a recent interview.

The Stranger Things star recently sat down with Glamour Magazine to give fans some insight into her life.

When she was asked what kind of things were on her phone, Brown took a moment to ridicule people snap pictures of their food before tucking in.

“Oh, I do not take pictures of my meals. That is where I draw the line,” she said.

“My camera does not eat first. I think it’s just ridiculous. Put your phone down, eat your meal. I don’t actually even think I have one picture of a meal, ever. I typed in food on my camera.”

“This is what I’m trying to explain to someone. Penne alla vodka. I was trying to explain to someone that I wanted this.”

Brown then defiantly added: “But never have I ever taken a picture of my food or drink.


After the video began to go viral on social media, fans shared their input and many hit back at Brown’s remarks.

“Ooh, she’s not like other girls,” commented one fan on X, while another said: “Why is she so bothered by this? It’s OK to just let people enjoy things LOL.”

The twist is, it seems Brown may be just as cringe as those “cringe” Insta-loving millenials she just mocked.

Brown has actually made a number of food-related posts in the past, including one a mere eight weeks ago, when the actress took to Instagram to give fans a step-by-step guide on how to make their morning coffee.

And last year, the star posted a picture of himself chowing down on a delicious-looking sandwich on Instagram, which she captioned: “The tomato makes it all soggy.”

Embrace your cringe, girl, it’s freeing.

Brown recently hit headlines in April when she announced her engagement to Jake Bongiovi, 21.

In a recent interview she gushed about her man, saying Bongiovi has helped her love herself and that has only made their young relationship stronger.

“I was like, ‘Why do you love me?’ And then he listed all these things that I hated about myself,” she said.

“I was like, ‘You see good in those things?’ And he was like, ‘Of course I do.’”

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