Michael Clarke’s A Current Affair interview panned by viewers

Michael Clarke’s interview with A Current Affair was billed as an explosive tell-all about that infamous Noosa incident in January with his on-off girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough.

But it appears the segment was not well-received by viewers.

The cringey sit-down aired on the Nine program on Tuesday night, in which Clarke was supposed to promote a new line of lemon, lime and bitters from the Australian Bitters company.

Instead, the former Australian cricket captain faced relentless questioning about the brawl from journalist Simon Bouda – and some viewers were left unimpressed with his answers.

“This was painful to watch, should have left it about the bitters,” one viewer commented on Instagram, while another said: “Every red flag in existence on display there.”

One called Clarke a “bogan” and mocked his claim that his every action is turned into a headline.

“‘As soon as I speak about it, it becomes your headline’ says bogan doing interview with ‘news’ show,” the critic wrote.

Yet another viewer said the disgraced star did little to own his “stuff ups” during the altercation at a public park, where Yarbrough accused him of cheating on her with ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards.

“He owned nothing… moderation he says… say sorry you F#cked up… you cheated mate… ? You got found out and u were pissed drunk… ? Moderation my ass… Own your stuff ups…,” they wrote.

The altercation also involved Today show host Karl Stefanovic and his wife Jasmine, who is Yarbrough’s sister. Footage of the incident was obtained from The Daily Telegraph, on which Clarke

“Would have loved to see Karl conduct this interview,” one viewer joked.

Meanwhile, other users came to Clarke’s defence, saying ACA should have left this all in the past.

“Why would you drag this up again? Are you this desperate for stories ACA?” one wrote, while another said, “Give him a break, damn that’s his life, fk.”

In the interview, Clarke did say he regrets what happened that fateful evening, calling the fracas a “lesson”.

“Relationships are tough, behind closed doors, and a lot of things happen that we all deal with,” he said on camera.

“A divorce, you know. Man, [the] things I’ve been through, so sad, so hard,” he added referring to his divorce from model Kyly Clarke, who is the mother of his only child, Kelsey Lee, 7.

“I think the one thing is you’ve just got to do your best – highs, lows, pros, cons, good times, tough times. I’m like everyone else. Still to this day I’m standing here trying my best and I hope that doesn’t change.”

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