Metal Gear Solid’s Retired T-Shirt Line Will Go Back On Sale In 2024

The arrival of Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 today has continued what has been one of the busiest months for big releases in video game history. Sandwiched between Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Alan Wake 2, the collection of classic Metal Gear games has been released to prepare fans for the upcoming Snake Eater remake. A collection of games designed not only to remind long-time fans of how good the series is but to hopefully pull in new fans too.



It’s not only Konami that expects the hype to be ramped up and stay there thanks to the collection. Uniqlo, which has collaborated with various studios in the past to create official apparel, has revealed it will be re-releasing a range of Metal Gear Solid t-shirts that haven’t been available for more than a decade. As reported by VGC, the line will include six t-shirts, originally available in 2009 and 2012, and will start going on sale in January 2024.

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Uniqlo has already confirmed which designs will be making a comeback, posting images and prices on its website under its UT Archive collection. It’s worth noting that this opportunity isn’t afforded to all of Uniqlo’s products and that t-shirts from so long ago getting reprinted is pretty rare. All six of the t-shirts have been priced at 1,500 yen each, which is roughly $10.

That’s not bad at all, but it remains to be seen if the t-shirts will be available outside of Japan. It seems likely that they will be as Uniqlo does ship some of its products to the US and elsewhere, but that’s yet to be confirmed. If the t-shirts are going to be available in the US, shipping costs may well bump the price up to quite a bit more than $10. Again, nothing other than everything above has been confirmed just yet, and hopefully details regarding where exactly the t-shirts will be sold will be revealed in time.

Metal Gear Archive UT Graphic T-shirt from uniqlo
via Uniqlo

Metal Gear Archive UT Graphic T-shirt

Uniqlo celebrated the launch of the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1 by revealing it will be reprinting some of its retired Metal Gear designs. Including six t-shirts, this pick is black with the artwork from Metal Gear Rising printed on it.

Today marks the first day of what will likely be an exciting couple of years for Metal Gear Solid fans. That the Master Collection has been given a volume one label suggests that there will be a volume two, although nothing about that has been announced yet. There’s also the Snake Eater remake to look forward to which, if it sells well, may well lead to other games from early in the series getting the remake treatment.

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