Mayim Bialik calls out Saturday Night Live for mocking her ‘undeniably Jewish’ nose in Blossom sketch

Mayim Bialik knew she “made it” when her Blossom character was parodied on Saturday Night Live in the ’90s.

However, the Big Bang Theory actress was left “confused” after the long-running sketch comedy show mocked her “undeniably Jewish” nose, reports Decider.

While looking back on her Blossom days, Bialik — who was only 14 when she was cast as the sitcom’s titular character — recalled the criticism she faced from the public for her physical appearance.

According to her, one troll described her as a “Frankenstein of a teenager,” while MAD Magazine’s parody of the show made her cry.

Not long after the publication made fun of “every single thing about” Bialik and the “entire show,” she said it was Saturday Night Live’s turn. As a lifelong fan of the series, she was “excited” to be “parodied” in the 1994 episode — until she watched it.

“The actress portraying me was dancing and mugging for the camera and she was hilarious. But. She wore a prosthetic nose,” Bialik wrote in an essay, per Yahoo! Life.

“In order to truly convey that she was Blossom, she wore a fake, big nose.”

The Jeopardy host was referring to Melanie Hutsell, who played Bialik as Blossom in the episode.

Bialik continued, “I don’t know if it was significantly larger than my real nose and I don’t care to remember. I remember that it struck me as odd. And it confused me. No one else on the show was parodied for their features.”

Unlike previous parodies, the Jeopardy host recalled feeling as though the show “singled” her out — and, more specifically, her nose.

“I never thought to talk about it and mostly I tried to forget it. I hoped no one noticed,” she said.

“All of my friends at high school watched SNL. It wasn’t subtle. They would all see it and I felt ashamed.”

Since then, Bialik has grown to accept her facial features. While he hasn’t “always loved” her nose, she said she’s “never wanted to change it.”

“My genetic makeup is mine alone, and also, it is the combination of cultures shoved together after the Holocaust spilled so many of us out on the shores of Ellis Island,” she concluded.

“My nose is undeniably Jewish, and I am as well. Is it because of my nose? Perhaps. But I don’t have to know because we will always be one and the same.”

Decider has reached out to reps for SNL for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

This article originally appeared in Decider and was reproduced with permission

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