Mario Producer Calls Sonic Superstar’s Release Date An “Interesting Coincidence”

Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s producer, Takashi Tezuka, has commented on Sonic Superstars launching so close to the latest Mario game, calling it an “interesting coincidence”.



This October is one of the most exciting months for platforming fans in a really long time. Not only do we have a new 2D Mario game for the first time in more than a decade (not counting the Deluxe version, of course), but we’ve also got a brand-new 2D Sonic game as well. Better yet, both games look fantastic and are set to launch within a few days of one another, with Superstars releasing on October 17 and Wonder hitting stores on October 20.

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Considering how long it’s been since both Mario and Sonic have had new 2D games, it’s pretty funny that the two games are launching so close to one another, and it’s something that even the developers of the two titles have noticed themselves. As pointed out by Nintendo Everything and originally reported by Game Informer in their Super Mario Bros. Wonder cover issue, Wonder’s producer, Takashi Tezuka called the overlapping release date an “interesting coincidence”.

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Tezuka said, “I think it’s an interesting coincidence. We’ve been creating 2D action games for a long time and we, of course, want as many players as possible to enjoy those games. We’re looking forward to as many people as possible having the opportunity to play these 2D side-scrolling action games, Mario and otherwise.”

Although the “Mario and otherwise” comment might seem like a little shade is being thrown around, it does seem like Tezuka is happy to see more competition in the 2D platforming space. Mario and Sonic have long given up being rivals after all, as proven by their many Olympic Games adventures together. It’s certainly more friendly than it once was, anyway.

Tezuka isn’t the only developer to comment on the two launching back-to-back, either. As reported by Automaton West, Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka also expressed surprise about the pairing while interviewed at Tokyo Game Show, saying, ““I was definitely not expecting them to release in the same week (laughs) It was quite a surprise.”

Iizuka goes on to say that, even if Mario and Sonic are both 2D side-scrolling platformers, they appeal to different types of players, with Mario having a “Mario style” and Sonic having a, you guessed it, “Sonic style”. Iizuka also says that Sonic’s style has been going on and appreciated for 30 years now, which is proof that his specific style of games has been “recognised” by fans.

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