LOTR-Inspired Character Builds For DnD

The Lord of the Rings series has been a household name in the fantasy genre for decades now. Books, movies, shows, games, it’s spanned media platforms with its detailed world full of diverse characters.



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It makes sense then that fans of Dungeons & Dragons would want to model their characters after ones from the LOTR universe. Thankfully, with as in-depth as the character creation is in D&D this can be done more or less with ease. No matter which is your favorite, here are some LOTR characters you can create in D&D.

9 Radagast

radagast the brown looking disheveled in the forest

Radagast The Brown may not be the most seen character in the Lord of the Rings series, but he is a fan favorite. Radagast may be a wizard in the lore, but in D&D, he is for sure a druid. Using the hermit background, you can create a druid who prefers the company of nature over the city.

You have quite a bit of freedom with spells as far as a Radagast build goes, but focus on ones that boost your allies through the power of nature. Which won’t be hard, considering that’s what the druid class is all about.

8 Gollum

Gollum up close of his face

Gollum is an odd character for sure, but one that can actually be built in D&D with a little bit of creativity. Gollum best works as a rogue class. Sneaking in the shadows and using cleverness and intuition to get his way.

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For subclass, scout or thief are the best choices for making sure you stay similar to how Gollum appears in the source material. Your focus in the game will be being perceptive and sneaky in and out of combat. And weird, definitely weird.

7 Aragorn

lord of the rings aragorn staring into the distance

Creating Aragorn in D&D isn’t as hard as you might think. Actually, you have a few options to bring this character to your next campaign. As a ranger in the Lord of the Rings, he does actually make a good ranger in D&D too. The ranger class is built pretty well around the type of ranged and close combat that Aragorn is known for in the books and movies.

But, you can also build a fighter with the same set of skills with relative ease. This also gives you a less nature focus and more combat versatility. This works well since Aragorn does love a good fight.

6 Sauron

close up of sauron reaching out with the one ring on his finger

The Dark Lord himself and the main antagonist throughout the entirety of Tolkiens novels. You can’t get much more evil than this. The perfect class for Sauron is Paladin. Warlock works well too, especially ones with hexblade subclasses. But, to balance the magic, martial abilities, and equipment, you’ll want to dive into paladin.

There’s plenty of room to make a paladin that fits Sauron, but focusing on smites and with a vengeance or conquest subclass is the easiest way to get his heavy-handed and awe-inspiring nature down. Oathbreaker works well too, but it leaves you without some of the more fun aspects of a paladin background-wise.

5 Uruk-Hai

An Uruk-hai in The Lord of the Rings

The classic henchman of the Lord of the Rings series, the Uruk-Hai are made for war and they do so incredibly well.

Throughout the series, the Uruk are fond of up-close and personal fighting. Choosing a barbarian or a fighter class are both solid choices. Although, rangers wouldn’t be that much of a stretch either. The focal point for this is starting with an orc character and building one that’s min-maxed for combat and combat only.

4 Gimli

gimli blowing a hord in a ruin

The wrecking ball of a dwarf is one of the easiest characters to make the jump from Lord of the Rings to D&D. Any martial class with a focus on close-quarters weaponry and heavy armor is a win for this character. But, paladin or barbarian are the best choices for getting as close as possible.

As a paladin, you’ll want to focus less on the magic side of things and more on the martial side. For a barbarian build: battlerager or berserker are the truest to form subclasses. From there a solid set of heavy armor and an axe, and you’re ready to do some fighting.

3 Gandalf

gandalf the grey standing in scenic hills with staff hat and robes

The best way to feel like you’re playing as Gandalf great white wizard, is well… a wizard of course, and D&D makes that pretty easy.

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You wouldn’t need any multi-classing for this build, but it may help to take a martial weapon and dual wielding feat that way you can have a staff and proficiency with a sword like Gandalf does. From there, focus on spells with radiant damage like Moonbeam and Divine Favor. All arcane traditions work for this but enchantment and abjuration fit the theme solidly.

2 Legolas

legolas close up of him aiming bow

Similar to Aragorn, Legolas can be made in D&D fairly easily and with some different options depending on what you want your play style to be. Legolas as an elf ranger makes the most sense. Focus less on the animal companion side of being a ranger and more on the ranged combat.

A good longbow and swords are pretty much all you need as far as weapons go. From there you just need to build the class around accuracy and ranged combat damage. Also like Aragorn, this can also be done with the fighter class too, if you focus on the archer martial skills. But, for this character, ranger makes a little more sense.

1 Frodo

frodo lounging on branch of tree

The hobbit protagonist for the main series, Frodo may not be the most combat-focused character, but he can be a fun one to play in D&D regardless. While there aren’t hobbits in D&D, halflings work just as well for the purposes of this build. Equipment-wise, you’ll just need a short sword and adventurer’s gear.

It may not be a bad idea to dive into the chef feat — that way, you and your party don’t have to skimp on second breakfast. As far as class goes, you’ll want to either pick a rogue or a bard. Rogue may make a bit more sense with the abilities of Frodo in the source material, but bard isn’t too much of a stretch. Just focus on stealth and charisma and you’ll be all set.

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