Lords Of The Fallen Vs Elden Ring Comparison: Which Is Better?

The Soulsborne genre of game has grown over the years. From the original Demon’s Souls to the wide array of games available now, if you want a challenge, it’s definitely out there for you. The remake/sequel Lords of the Fallen is one such game that blends classic RPG elements with a tough challenge that you’d come to find in any Soulsborne game.



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While it is definitely a game worth playing, how does it compare to a heavy-hitter like Elden Ring. From The Lands Between, to the challenging bosses, to the deep lore; Elden Ring has been a fan favorite. But, given the choice, which of these games stands a head above the rest?

8 Story – Elden Ring

The Erdtree set ablaze in Elden Ring

Both stories are great at making a case for themselves. Lords of the Fallen asks the character to enter into a war of good and evil, and while this has been done before it does feel like an important quest. Though, it doesn’t do a lot to differentiate itself from other RPGs with the same sort of plot.

It’s a fun time, to be sure, but Elden Ring’s story is something you don’t see every day. Rising from a lowly tarnished, cheating death, and gaining power until you challenge the status quo itself is a grand adventure that feels so impressive to be a part of.

7 Graphics – Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Axiom

Lords of the Fallen has a slight edge over Elden Ring when it comes to graphics. That’s not to say either game isn’t impressive to look at. At optimization, Lords of the Fallen is sharp, which only feels appropriate with Souls-type games. Mix this with the different worlds your character must explore with their lanterns, and you will have a lot of impressive visual moments.

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Elden Ring still does well though, and traveling through The Lands Between is still a visually pleasing time. Moreso, you won’t be having trouble with hit boxes, as the game is sharp enough to allow you to easily see what is going on around your character. It just doesn’t have as advanced quality as Lords of the Fallen does from top down.

6 Character Creation – Tie

elden ring and lords of the fallen collage of character archetypes

Both games offer a pretty solid amount of character creation and customization to allow your character to stand out from the rest. Neither are as in-depth as some games offer, but they’re not bland either, which makes them both fall into this happy medium of RPGs.

Both games ease character creation into the character class selection with a handful of different options dependent on which playstyle you want. There’s plenty of availability to make your own character for both, which means a good amount of replayability for each.

5 Difficulty – Elden Ring

elden ring's malenia holding her arm

Both games fall into the Soulsborne genre, which means they are more difficult than the average game. In that genre, Lords of the Fallen does offer up a challenge, but it falls short of Elden Ring’s epic difficulty. You’ll definitely still be replaying bosses, but nothing hits quite as hard as bosses like Malenia.

That being said, Elden Ring is also open world, which means you can grind levels as much as you want to make challenges easier. This adds an amount of accessibility for players new to the genre but doesn’t water it down for hardcore players.

4 Setting – Elden Ring

The Tarnished posing with their arms up in Caelid in Elden Ring.

Lords of the Fallen has an interesting idea towards setting. Using the different lanterns in your inventory, you can see the worlds layered on top of your own. It’s a cool idea, and while it does allow for some interesting gameplay mechanics, in comparison to Elden Ring, it almost feels gimmicky.

That being said The Lands Between is a setting that feels like a fantasy world unlike any other. It’s an amalgamation of different landscapes and locals that each feel as real as they are challenging. They each add a different layer to the picture that is Elden Ring’s lore and the more you see, the more you want to know. From Jarburg all the way to Caelid, no two places are alike.

3 Gameplay – Elden Ring

Elden Ring horseback battle in the fields at sunset

Elden Ring comes out on top when it comes to gameplay. When it comes to boss fights, the difference between winning and losing is often a small timeframe. This means smoothness and ease of use can make a hard game easier or far harder. Elden Ring, from the most basic controls, is made to be mixed around and experimented with.

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From horse-mounted combat, all the way to casting spells, there are nearly countless ways to approach challenges. While Lords of the Fallen does well to introduce some interesting mechanics, they don’t meld together as smoothly as Elden Ring manages to do it.

2 Enemy Design – Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Pieta fight

Both games offer up some weird and horrifically strong enemies to harass you along your journeys. Elden Ring has a wide array of different enemies, from the peculiar land octopus all the way to the snakelike Lord Rykard. They are impressive, but the re-using of bosses and the randomness of their designs isn’t as impressive as the cohesion that Lords of the Fallen offers with its enemies.

All of them have some amount of religious-seeming design and there’s also a lot of body horror, especially in the bosses. Each of the enemies you come across feels like they live in the place you’d expect to find them, which makes the world that much more seamless.

1 Conclusion – Elden Ring

Raya Lucaria in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has become a fan favorite among its genre. Beyond that, its open-world structure and open-endedness have allowed brand-new players into the genre with relative ease. It’s hard for any game to compete with a title that covers all the bases like that.

Lords of the Fallen is still a playable, often quite enjoyable game that brings new ideas to the genre without pulling away from the classic elements that make these kinds of games enjoyable. It just doesn’t always feel like it’s doing as much as it could. Either game is definitely worth your time, especially if you just can’t seem to get enough of a challenge.

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