Lorcana’s Regional Promos Are Giving Me Serious FOMO

Disney Lorcana just revealed a new convention-exclusive promo card. Donald Duck, Musketeer completes the Musketeer trio of promos, following Gen Con’s Mickey and Gamescom’s Goofy promo earlier this year. This is also the second Lorcana promo to come out of a convention in Germany, which is roughly 6,000 miles from my home in Los Angeles.



If I want a Donald Duck promo of my own, I’m probably going to have to pay to order it from a seller on eBay. The Musketeer Mickey and Goofy – cards that were given away for free to convention attendees – are around $160 right now. I expect Donald to be just as much, if not more.

Before anyone starts to feel bad for little ol’ me, I’ve been extremely blessed with Lorcana promos. I have the D23 set as well as the Brave Little Tailor that was given out at last year’s D23 Expo. Those seven cards could one day become a down payment on a house if I’m lucky. I attended Gen Con this year and got my own Mickey Mouse, Musketeer, and my coworker’s that attended Gamescom snagged a Goofy for me. I’ve been successful at my LGS events too, so I have all three of the organized play promos as well. Until now I’ve managed to keep up, collecting all 12 promos without having to buy any from resellers. But here comes unlucky number 13, ironically, and I don’t have any way of getting one.

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Collecting, for me, is an all-or-nothing hobby. Whether it’s trading cards, comic books, Destiny 2 vinyl figures, or Disney characters reimagined as snack foods, I don’t want anything if I can’t have all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the pursuit plenty, and part of me feels a little bit empty when I do eventually complete a collection. But, not as empty as I would feel by having a collection remain incomplete.


Recently I had to take stock of my Disney Lorcana budget and start coming to terms with the fact that I may not be able to continue collecting full playsets of every card for every expansion. The amount I’ve spent on The First Chapter feels justified because it’s the original, an important part of the game’s history. I know I’m not going to be able to open hundreds of packs for every expansion, but part of me was still holding onto hope that I’d at least be able to get all the promos.

I don’t have a problem with promo cards in principle, but I don’t like when their availability is limited to a specific place in the world. The organized play promo cards are ideal. Their value is proportional to the burden of acquiring them. They incentivize people to spend time at their local game store – something many of us have access to, and if you show up often enough, eventually you’ll get a card.

The same goes for the kind of boxed promos that Pokemon frequently releases. You can only get them for a limited amount of time and you have to buy a specific product to get them, but they’re widely available at big box retailers and local game stores in every country where Pokemon cards are sold. You have to go out of your way to get them, but they’re accessible if you want them.

Giving a promo card away to just a few thousand, even tens of thousands of people at a single convention is triggering to my goopy goblin collector brain, because they’re not really serving the purpose that I think a promo card should serve. I can’t be incentivized to travel to Germany for a single card, as tempted as I might be. The cost of the trip would far surpass the $150-200 I’d have to pay to buy one on eBay, which is exactly why resellers can charge so much for them. That kind of money brings a lot of undesirable attention to trading cards games from people that aren’t interested in collecting or playing. Lord knows there’s enough of that surrounding Lorcana already.

It’s a cool thing for German Lorcana fans, I guess, and I’m sure the way I feel right now is the way that people everywhere else in the world often feel about the U.S. and our access to all kinds of collectibles. I don’t expect it to change, and the next time I have an opportunity to get a promo at a convention, I’ll be excited that I’m in the right place at the right time to get it. But I can’t tell you how unenthusiastic I’m going to be to spend $150 or more for a Donald Duck this weekend – especially a Donald that’s identical to one I already have, save for a tiny logo on the bottom. I’m going to do it obviously, and I know this is how scalpers continue to justify their nonsense, but I’m not excited about it.

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