Lisa Curry reveals she underwent hip replacement after sledding incident

Retired Australian swimmer Lisa Curry has revealed she recently underwent hip replacement surgery.

The Brisbane-based swim champion, 61, worried her social media followers when she uploaded a photo on crutches Thursday, while her Ironman son Jett Kenny was seen wearing a sling over his arm.

Curry didn’t explain the injuries, leaving her fans wondering what had happened.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Curry explained she was admitted to hospital four weeks ago to have long overdue hip surgery after being involved in a dog sledding accident in Yukon, Canada, in January.

In addition to hip surgery, Curry said she suffered low blood pressure and spent two nights in the Intensive Care Unit.

“So … About the crutches!! When we were in the Yukon dog sledding, we had to cross a frozen river on a bend,” Curry began. “The huskys went across the ice no problem but the sled slid, and kept sliding. You can’t let go of the sled because the dogs will keep going.

“So I held on and held on until I couldn’t and eventually fell still holding onto the sled which immediately puts the brakes on, so the dogs stop … and fell on my hip.”

Curry was dealing with hip pain in the aftermath, but with already planned trips across the US and Europe spanning 10 weeks from June until August, she put surgery on hold.

“So [I] just lived on painkillers for that 10 week trip,” she said. “Each day it’s getting better and I’m not able to exercise and swim again so I’m happy about that !! Learning how to walk without a limp, doing simple tasks again.

“But geez, you don’t realise how many things you take for granted- putting a sock or undies on is like dressing a wriggly wet octopus!! So exhausting.”

Curry said son Jett, 29, had to have shoulder surgery last week, “So we’re all in recovery mode!,” she added.

Back in January, Curry shared photos of her dog sledding experience, saying it had been on her bucket list “for a long time.”

“Actually had a little cry as I was sledding, as it was so beautiful, and thinking about how many amazing things there are to do in this world and it’s worth living for.”

Curry and her husband, Mark Tabone, have embarked on plenty of travel since the retired athlete hurt her hip.

They went on a holiday to Hawaii in February, followed by a return trip to Canada in June.

They then jetted off to Europe, visiting Malta, Italy and Greece, before heading to the US with stops in Texas, Arizona, California and Nashville.

The couple, who married in 2018, returned home to the Sunshine Coast in August.

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