Lies Of P Patch Makes Bosses Much Easier

Lies of P just rolled out a major patch that makes the game easier, decreasing the HP of several bosses while making Specters stronger.



While it might seem drastic, it’s nothing new for Soulslike games. Even Elden Ring released updates to soften things up, but it’s typically in the name of ‘balance’. Sure, Radahn isn’t as tough now, but the Rivers of Blood does less damage and your mimic is weaker. Here, everything has been tweaked to lessen the difficulty.

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There has been expected backlash and outcry (as reported by RockPaperShotgun), but surprisingly, many are happy with the changes. Most who are complaining on the Lies of P subreddit have been met with downvotes, like mightyburrito420 who suggested that “these games aren’t for you” and that you should “just play Stardew Valley”. It wouldn’t be a soulslike without ‘git gud’ cropping up, eh?

Others, like Affectionate-Try4211, have a more positive outlook, “This is good for everyone in my opinion. [Those] who beat the game before, like me, can say we are god gamers, but now [those] who had a hard time with the game can enjoy it finally, and there is NG++ for those who want challenge.”

Lies of P hasn’t just reduced the health of a bunch of boss fights, it’s completely nerfed Simon Manus, Awakened God. His damage output has been decreased, while the chance of breaking his stance has been increased. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance anymore.

“I was stuck on this boss for like six-to-seven hours,” one user wrote in the Lies of P subreddit. “Now [the] update dropped and I beat him on my first try. Sadly, I don’t feel the usual accomplishment after beating a Souls boss.”

You can also carry more weight and break a monster’s stance with the Fable Art ‘Guard Parry’, while the overall staggerable window time has increased. Even base enemies, the “field monsters”, have had their HP reduced. It’s a game-wide nerf that makes almost everything easier, so if you put Lies of P aside because it was too tough, now’s probably a good time to give it another go.

The nerf hasn’t just split the community in half, it has reheated an age-old soulslike debate on difficulty options. Souls fans tend to take a firm stance against any choice, saying it flies in the face of the developer’s vision, but this patch has essentially made easy mode the default. The only way to make things harder now is to beat the game several times and increase your NG+. Alternatively, you can challenge yourself by playing naked or using a crap weapon, like Dark Souls 2’s ladle.

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