Lies Of P: Best Amulets

As Lies of P is part of the Soulsborne subgenre, your build is one of the most important factors to success in the game. Lies of P offers plenty of options when it comes to customizing your character, with different build options being unlocked regularly throughout the game.



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One of the most impactful pieces you can change throughout the game is the amulets you have equipped. These all give you different buffs that drastically impact how you will play the game. So, which of these amulets should you keep an eye out for, and which will be the most useful?

8 Life Amulet

lies of p life amulet

One of the earliest amulets you will find in Lies of P is also one of the most useful, and if you are struggling to choose an amulet to fill a specific slot, then this is a good option. The Life Amulet will give P a simple HP boost, and in the earlier sections of the game when you might be struggling with the lower amount of health, this can be massively useful.

The amulet can be found in Chapter 2 nearby the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer. The amulet will be found inside a chest, and it is likely to be one of the first you find in the game.

7 Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet

lies of p puppet destroyers amulet

While there are plenty of different enemy classes you will run into throughout the campaign for Lies of P, in the earlier chapters of the game especially, you will mostly be facing puppets as your main adversaries. Most of the enemies in the world, the mini bosses, and the main bosses too, will be classified as puppets — this is why using the Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet is so useful.

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This amulet will buff the damage you do against puppets, making fights against this class of enemies a lot quicker. The amulet is in Krat City Hall before a boss fight, so it is a good choice to equip before that encounter.

6 Carrier’s Amulet

lies of p carriers amulet

One issue that can arise when building your character in Lies of P is the capacity limitations. P can only carry up to a certain weight, and the closer you get to this capacity, the slower his movements will be, as well as some other debuffs.

Levelling up the capacity stat will help with this a lot, but for a quicker solution, equipping the Carrier’s Amulet will also increase how much P can carry before slowing down. Just before getting to Moonlight Town, there is a flaming puppet that will drop this amulet, so if you skipped fighting it, you might want to go back to get this useful amulet.

5 Patience Amulet

lies of p patience amulet

When fighting enemies, and bosses, especially in Lies of P, timing is everything if you want to be able to win the encounter without taking too much damage. The amount of attacks you will be able to fit in against an enemy will rely heavily on your stamina, and if it runs out too quickly, you will be unable to attack or dodge away.

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This is why the Patience Amulet is so useful, since it will increase how quickly your stamina recovers. This amulet can be found being carried by a tough enemy patrolling a square in Chapter 5, so if you want this passive buff, then you will need to beat it.

4 Hunter’s Amulet

lies of p hunter amulet

The currency that is most commonly used throughout Lies of P is ergo, which is used by most vendors, but also by Sophia to level up P. The most common method of getting ergo is by defeating enemies, and keeping hold of your ergo is necessary to stay strong enough to keep up with the enemies.

Getting the Hunter’s Amulet can speed up this process since it boosts how much ergo each enemy will drop. It is held by a jester puppet mini boss under Lorenzini Arcade, which is quite a challenge, but getting this passive buff afterward makes the encounter worth the effort.

3 Recharged Amulet

lies of p recharged amulet

During encounters in Lies of P, you will need to precisely manage your HP by using Pulse Cells to heal regularly to ensure that P doesn’t die. This can be quite challenging since it is easy to get interrupted. This is why you should try to equip the Recharged Amulet if you struggle with maintaining HP during tough encounters.

The amulet will passively recharge your HP even when you are not in encounters, so you don’t have to worry about healing as much. You will have to wait until Chapter 8 to find this amulet in a chest, but it can make a good replacement for the Life Amulet by this point in the game.

2 Dancing One’s Amulet

lies of p dancing ones amulet

After unlocking Alidoro following the events of Chapter 4, you can meet with him in the Hotel to exchange the rare ergo dropped by the main bosses for special weapons and amulets.

While the weapons may seem more appealing, the amulets can end up being just as useful. If you still have the ergo dropped by the first boss in the game, you can trade it with Alidoro to receive the Dancing One’s Amulet. This amulet lets P dodge even when his stamina would usually be too low, so if you prefer dodging to blocking, this amulet is well worth equipping, even though it is quite heavy.

1 Nameless One’s Amulet

lies of p nameless ones amulet

Another one of the best amulets you can get by trading rare boss ergo with Alidoro is the Nameless One’s Amulet. This will be from the last boss fought before unlocking Alidoro, so you should still have the ergo, and luckily it will get you one of the best amulets in the game.

The Amulet is heavier than a standard amulet, but it will give P the chance to not consume a Pulse Cell after using one. While this is up to chance, it happens regularly enough that it will make your heals in Lies of P go a lot further, which is useful in boss encounters in particular.

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