Lego’s $500 Avengers Tower Set Will Include More Than 30 Minifigures

While none of the below has been officially confirmed by Lego or Marvel just yet, leaked images have confirmed we’ll be getting one heck of a set before the end of 2023. An Avengers Tower set is a big deal in every sense of the word, and not only because what exactly the skyline-defining building is currently being used for in the MCU is a mystery. Releasing on November 24, 2023, Lego’s Avengers Tower set will cost $524.99 and be made up of more than 5,000 pieces.



That’s according to Falconbricks. All of the information gathered so far about the set is based on images of the set’s packaging that leaked on social media. The tower appears to be around 90cm tall when complete, and even though a look at the inside hasn’t been shared, it’s believed to have six floors. You can see a number of instantly recognizable characters hanging from the set in the images, all of which will be included.

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In fact, there will be 31 Minifigures in the box. Included are two versions of Iron Man, Loki wearing his horned helmet, and even an Ant-Man Minifigure that has been suitably shrunk down to size. On the flip side, the Hulk Minifigure isn’t so mini at all and will tower over all of the other characters. There’s even going to be a Kevin Feige Minifigure included with the set just in case you want your Avengers Tower to feel more like the movies from which it’s pulled as opposed to those same movies come to life in Lego form.

The Avengers Tower set has the same baseplate as other sets modeled after big buildings, including the $350 set based on Spider-Man’s Daily Bugle. That means the sets can be combined and you can assemble your very own Marvel-themed city, your Minifigures jumping between two iconic buildings from the MCU. It’s going to cost a lot, but with almost 8,000 pieces between the two sets, you’re going to be occupied for a very long time.

If you’re also looking for something that will take a little less time and cost a lot less money, then maybe the newly revealed Animal Crossing sets are up your alley. The next Nintendo IP to get the Lego treatment following the success of the Super Mario sets. Animal Crossing will be getting five sets to kick things off, the cheapest of which will be just $15. Keep checking in with TheGamer between now and November 24 for more information on the Avengers Tower set including its official reveal and when pre-orders open.

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