Kyle Sandiland’s KIIS FM rival makes shock claim about his ex-pal

Kyle Sandiland’s radio rival made some shocking claims about the star during a recent speech.

KIIS FM Melbourne host Jason ‘Labrat’ Hawkins moved in with his former bestie Sandilands back in the early 2000s.

The set-up came after Sandilands hired him to be a part of the Kyle And Jackie O Show.

However, their friendship ended up going majorly south, and amid recent news that his job could be at risk, Hawkins made some remarks about Sandliands while onstage this week that could reignite an old feud.

Appearing on stage with radio co-host Lauren Phillips, Hawkins shared some insight into what Sandilands was like when he was younger.

He claimed that the radio host would spend his days “getting stoned” and making him run errands for him.

“I was 18. [Kyle] did not drink. He never left the house. He just sat there and smoked cones all week and I would just passively get stoned,” Hawkins told the audience.

“Every night at 8pm he would look at me and go, ‘Remember I took you off the streets and gave you a job? Can you ride up the street and get Paddle Pops from the servo?’” he added.

Meanwhile, currently Sandiland and Jackie O’s popular breakfast program only airs on KIIS FM in Sydney.

However, a new deal looks set to expand their reach into Melbourne.

Currently, ARN’s KIIS Network airs Jase & Lauren in the breakfast timeslot in Melbourne, but Sandilands and Jackie O’s new deal could see them airing in their place.

Their rumoured new deal would see the powerful duo earning $10 million each per year, which is double their current salary of around $5 million per year, with bonuses and incentives nudging them up to a $6 million annual salary.

The dynamic pair, who first began their hosting partnership together more than 20 years ago, continued their dominance in the latest round of radio ratings which were released in July.

They are currently the number one FM rated breakfast show in Sydney with a 17.1 per cent audience share

For context, their nearest FM competitor is WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda who have a 7.7 per cent audience share.

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