Knuckles, Shadow, And Rouge Lego Sonic Minifigure Images Have Leaked

Sonic followed in Mario’s footsteps at the end of 2021 by getting his first Lego set. Clearly that set sold well as four more were added to the Lego Sonic collection earlier this year. Those sets included Tails and Amy Minifigures, and it seems there are already plans for more of the blue blur’s friends to get in on the toy brick fun. A leaked image appears to have confirmed the next Sonic characters getting the Lego Minifigure treatment will be Knuckles, Shadow, and Rouge.



The leaked image has been shared on Instagram by 1414falconfan (thanks, VGC). Nothing more about the Minifigures other than they’ll be available in 2024 has been revealed, although it’s probably safe to assume they will be a part of additional sets in some way. Now the speculation can begin on what exactly those sets have been modeled after since Tails and Amy both got sets based on locations related to them.

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Amy’s set is an Animal Rescue Island that includes both Amy and Tails, while Tails got a Lego replica of his workshop complete with the plane he’s been flying since Sonic 2. That likely means Knuckles, Shadow, and Rouge will get sets inspired by locations from their own points in Sonic history, provided they’re each going to be getting their own sets and not be grouped together in the same one. Perhaps Shadow will get a Lego set based on the lab from which he escaped.

The timing of Knuckles and Shadow getting Minifigures, in particular, is pretty perfect. We’re expecting news on the release date of the Knuckles spinoff show coming to Paramount Plus any day now, and Shadow will presumably be a big part of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 after he turned up in the movie’s credits. As for Rouge, she’s a key player in Sonic Prime and season three will debut on Netflix in February 2024. Perhaps we’ll also see her show up in the Knuckles show or Sonic 3.

Tails' Workshop and Tornado Plane LEGO set
via Lego

Tails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane

Sonic’s Lego world has expanded, and included in that expansion is this Tails Workshop and Tornado Plane set. Turning the blue blur’s sidekick into a Minifigure for the first time, the set is made up of 376 pieces and gives Tails a place to work on gadgets that will help his best friend.

There’s a lot of Lego news to be excited about right now even with the unannounced Sonic Minifigures not coming until 2024. The next Mario set has been confirmed and will be an elaborate brick recreation of the series’ iconic Piranha Plant. Images of an even more elaborate Avengers Tower set also leaked last week. Made of more than 5,000 pieces and including more than 30 Minifigures, the Avengers Tower set will reportedly cost $525.

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