Kate Ritchie teased by Fitzy and Wippa over cricket photos

Radio host Kate Ritchie was left squirming on-air today after her co-hosts ambushed her with paparazzi photos of herself.

The “incriminating” photos showed Ritchie getting a little extra help from cricketer Alyssa Healy before the show hosts a Backyard Cricket match at Kirribilli House tomorrow.

Ritchie’s co-host Michael “Wippa” Wipfli dropped her in it during the Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Ritchie show this morning, revealing that he had been texted the paparazzi images the day before.

“I won’t lie: When I opened it, I was shocked to see what I saw,” he began.

“I thought we were a pretty honest show, but what I’ve seen in these pictures is disgraceful. Have either of you had a paparazzi following you in the past few days?”

Ritchie had an immediate reaction to the photos, asking her co-host: “Where did you get these?”

The pictures showed Ritchie getting in some cricket practice with champion cricketer Healy – who co-host Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald noted was “probably our greatest cricketer of all time.”

“Okay, okay, now I’m feeling really nervous. That is exactly who I’m in the nets with. How on earth did they get those photographs?” Ritchie asked.

She then laid the blame for her sneaky tactics with her co-hosts, explaining that they’d made her “feel really nervous” about her cricket-playing abilities ahead of the match.

“I know we’re radio broadcasters, but you don’t just rock up on the day… Everyone’s going to be watching, and then I started thinking: People are going to see my skills and I don’t think I’d picked up a cricket bat for at least five years,” she said.

“That was a little bit of backyard cricket but certainly not on the world stage.”

Still, Ritchie’s VIP training wasn’t a complete secret – video of her session did also make it onto the show’s Instagram account today.

Taking place at Sydney’s Kirribilli House on Wednesday, the charity match will feature celeb players including Matt Shirvington, Cortnee Vine, Brett Lee and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, all to raise funds for two charity partners – Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney and Batyr.

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