Karl Stefanovic is living his best holiday life

It simply wouldn’t be the end of the year without Karl Stefanovic being pictured prancing around Noosa living his best Karl life.

Karl, 49, was seen doing some last-minute grocery shopping alongside his shoe designer wife, Jasmine Stefanovic.

For the occasion, Nine’s golden boy had popped on a tiny bucket hat, shorts, sunglasses, and what can only be described as a holiday shirt paired with some Birkenstocks.

Did his holiday shirt have one too many buttons undone? Yes, but he is on holiday.

Did his shorts have a loud print on them? Of course, but he’s a dad getting ready to celebrate the festive season. It’s the Aussie uniform.

Do you ever see someone out and think, “Wow, they look like the stereotype I’ve created of them in my head!”

Well, that was the energy Karl was giving.

He smiled, looked happy, and even threw up a peace sign for the photographers. He appeared carefree and unfazed by the attention.

Sure, Karl is one of the most famous men in Australia and he can count billionaire James Packer as a mate, but he’s also just a man who wants to get his toes out when on holidays and don a necklace while loading up the car boot with groceries.

That seems to be the secret to the Today Show’s host success. Even when most controversial, he always appears to be genuinely himself.

While Karl was chucking up a peace sign to paparazzi, his younger wife Jasmine, who he married in 2018, was going about her business and looking chic as always.

She was in a vivid blue dress paired with a classic crossover bag, and her blonde locks were thrown into a ponytail.

Seeing the couple return to Noosa after what so famously went down in January this year is a little bit fun.

Karl was embroiled in quite the Noosa scandal that quickly captured the nation when footage leaked of a dramatic scene at a local park between Michael Clarke and his then-girlfriend Jade Yarbrough, who is the sister of Stefanovic’s wife, Jasmine.

The video of the row went viral showing Jade accusing the former captain of the Australian cricket team of cheating with his ex, fashion designer Pip Edwards.

Karl was mostly a bystander, but he has spent the whole year dodging questions about the awkward incident.

Still, that clearly hasn’t put him off the holiday destination and he is back and living his best Karl life.

The pics prove that Karl is always just going to keep being himself, unbuttoned shirt and all.

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