Jared Leto tried to ‘hit on’ KIIS radio host Will McMahon’s girlfriend

Aussie radio host Will McMahon is still furious that Jared Leto once tried to steal his girlfriend.

He addressed the shock incident on his KIIS Network drive show, Will & Woody, on Thursday, admitting to co-host Woody Whitelaw that he’ll “always be bitter” about it.

“[Jared Leto] isn’t the kind of person I want to be hanging out with in general. He tried to hit on my girlfriend once,” Will revealed, when the Suicide Squad star’s name was brought up.

“I am bitter, you know I’m bitter about that. I’ll always be bitter about that.”

Will then launched into the story, which he explained actually unfolded about a decade ago.

“That was actually hectic. I have to tell the story now,” he began.

“We interviewed Jared Leto. Afterwards, he got a photo with my girlfriend at the time and then he walked over to the publicist, who I was friends with, and said, ‘Make sure she’s backstage at my concert tonight’, to which the publicist said to him, ‘That’s actually Will’s girlfriend, the guy that just interviewed you’.”

Will went on: “Jared Leto turned to the publicist and said, ‘Why the eff should I care?’”

Woody joked that at least the story had a fairytale ending.

“Anyway, him and your ex-girlfriend are very happy now, and I think you should be happy for the both of them,” he said, in a mock-serious voice.

Fortunately, things do appear to have worked out for the best for Will – with or without Leto’s involvement – as he’s now happily settled down with partner, Semmy Veeger.

The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Max, in May last year.

At the time, Will shared an hilarious announcement alongside a sweet picture of his newborn on Instagram.

“In the words of Donald Sutherland in The Italian Job (we’ll leave out the context given that he basically infers that Mark Wahlberg should sleep with his daughter),” he wrote.

“Find somebody you want to spend the rest of your life with, and hold onto her forever.

“I intend to do just that.”

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