James Arthur rushed to hospital after performing at awards show

British X-Factor star James Arthur has revealed he was rushed to hospital after a recent awards show.

The singer, 35, has told how he was “rolling around in agony” after the Pride of Britain Awards on October 8, reports The Sun.

He told Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden how kidney stones left him in horrific pain.

James recalled: “It started just before I hit the red carpet, I was all suited and booted, I started to feel this pain in my left … crown jewel, shall I say.

“What have I done here? When putting my trousers on … have I caught myself?”

He continued: “And this pain just sort of got progressively worse the further I got down this red carpet, I got back into the dressing room and I was rolling around on the floor in agony and I thought, ‘What have I done here, this is crazy?’

“I loaded up on paracetamol and I can’t go home at this point. I’ve got to do this performance. I was in 10/10 pain at this point. Anyway I get on stage, I wince through this performance.”

As soon as he was done performing, James was rushed to the emergency room.

He reveals: “I got off stage and was like, I’ve got to go to the hospital, went to the emergency thing, I’ve got this guy prodding around my bits.”

“They did a scan, found a kidney stone, so I’ve been on heavy painkillers all week. I get the operation to remove it tomorrow. It added a bit to that performance.”

Amanda remarked that she couldn’t tell how much pain he was in watching him sing on stage at the event.

“You did a cracking performance you never would have known!”

James won the long-running ITV competition in 2012 and his debut single shot straight to number one with his cover of Shontelle’s Impossible.

He became a dad for the first time in November last year.

James revealed the news with a video on his social media where he was seen cuddling up to his baby girl, Emily.

The black and white video detailed an “unexpected arrival” for the singer, as he write: “Dear Emily, welcome to the world.”

James also showed how he has his baby’s name tattooed on his hand in the sweet clip.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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