Jackie ‘O’ Henderson says she doesn’t like ‘to gloat’ about rumoured $5 million salary

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has spoken openly about her life and career in a new interview with Mamamia founder, Mia Freedman.

The radio personality discussed a wide range of topics on Freedman’s No Filter podcast, including how she sometimes doesn’t feel comfortable talking about her large salary, estimated to be at least $5 million a year.

“I should be proud of the money I earn. Maybe it’s just the way I was brought up. I don’t want to gloat,” said Henderson, who is currently on track to sign a monster $200 million deal with co-host Kyle Sandilands to remain at KIIS FM on The Kyle & Jackie O Show until 2034.

“There’s a fine line to me between being proud of how far I’ve come – which I am really proud of that – and then there’s the gloating part… That’s the part I don’t want to do.”

When asked by Freedman about the “power” that comes with being among the highest-paid people in Australian media, Henderson said she doesn’t see her large salary “as power”.

She said while the money was great for a “beautiful, comfortable life” without “worries or pressures”, it often times “changes dynamics”.

An example would be her dating life, she said, which is often hampered when men are intimidated by her high-profile career and massive paycheck.

“When you’re talking about male-female dynamics in relationships, there’s no question that that plays a big part in that and that’s when I hate it,” she admitted.

She explained that most men like being the provider and if they aren’t, “there’s some sort of inadequacy they have”.

“I think some men can be comfortable with it and genuinely are. But I think that can be hard to find,” she said.

Henderson has been single since she split from her husband, British photographer Lee Henderson. They broke up in 2018 after 15 years of marriage and one child, daughter Kitty, 12.

Elsewhere in the podcast, the radio star revealed a palm reader once told her she would be rich one day.

“She was looking at my palms. And she said, ‘Oh my goodness, you’re going to make so much money in your life,’” the star recalled.

“And I thought, ‘Well, that’s not right. I know that’s not going to happen…’ Now, I look back on that and go, ‘God, she was right to a degree.’ The life that I’ve lived has been real pinch-me stuff.”

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