Insomniac Says Wolverine Game Will “Continue As Planned”

Insomniac Games has finally responded to the massive hack it suffered earlier this week, confirming that Wolverine will “continue as planned”.

Insomniac Games has finally responded to the massive hack that took place earlier this week and confirmed that its plans for Wolverine will not be changing, despite so much of it being leaked and shown off.



Earlier this week, Insomniac Games was hit with one of the biggest hacks that the industry has ever seen, somehow managing to be even bigger than the GTA 6 hack that just got an 18-year-old sentenced indefinitely to hospital prison. The hack released tons of employee data, alongside plot and gameplay details for Wolverine and Insomniac’s planned titles through to 2032.


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Beyond some scheduled tweets that showed off Spider-Man 2 gameplay, Insomniac Games has largely been silent since the footage and documents were leaked, but it’s finally released a statement on the matter. The statement begins by thanks fans for their support after the cyberattack, and noting that the developers are “saddened and angered”.

Alongside addressing the data that was stolen from the company, the statement also confirms that, despite so much of the game being leaked out and shared (to the point that some PC players have even managed to make it playable), Insomniac’s plans for Wolverine haven’t changed at all.

“We want everyone to enjoy the games we develop as intended and as our players deserve,” the statement reads. “However, like Logan… Insomniac is resilient. Marvel’s Wolverine continues as planned. The game is in early production and will no doubt greatly evolve throughout development, as do all our plans”.


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