Infinite Wealth Datamine Reveals How Many Chapters Focus On Kiryu

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s chapter list has been datamined, revealing a lot of tributes to Elvis and giving us a good idea of how often Kiryu will be the main focus of the story.



We’re just over a month away from the release of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, which sees Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu teaming up properly for the first time since the former was introduced to the series. From the beginning (when Kiryu’s shocking new haircut was revealed), Infinite Wealth has been said to be a story equally about both characters, and we now know just how involved Kiryu is in this adventure.

Spoilers for Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s Chapter chapter names below


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As shared on the Yakuza subreddit, Redditor the_thirdy managed to datamine Infinite Wealth, presumably through some of the demos that have been released over the past few months, and uncover a chapter list that reveals both the main playable character and name of each of the game’s chapters.

Although the chapter list itself doesn’t have too many major spoilers and is mostly up for interpretation, the_thirdy did also reveal how the game is split up between Ichiban and Kiryu. The first seven chapters of the game are all about Ichiban and have him as the primary playable character, but from Chapter 8 (Return to Sender) onwards, the game has you switching between the two every other chapter, before having them both be playable in Chapter 14.

You might also notice that each chapter is named after an Elvis song, which makes sense considering the game is set in Hawaii.

Beyond showing who is playable at what time, the_thirdy also revealed that Kiryu gets a new set of sub-stories when he becomes the the focus of Chapter 8, called the “Bucket List”. This is presumably around the time that he tells the rest of the party that he has cancer, as can be seen in the game’s story trailer.

The list posted by the_thirdy also reveals when certain characters join the party and become playable, as well as some of the bosses that appear in the game, but these are a bit more spoilery and do spell out some of the game’s surprises. If you’re not worried about that, then go check them out but we won’t be sharing them here.


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