I’m Up To Date With Final Fantasy XIV’s Main Scenario For The First Time In Over A Year

As we near the end of 2023, I thought I wasn’t going to achieve a single New Year’s resolution I made for Final Fantasy 14, yet finally, I can cross at least one thing off — I’m up to date on the main scenario quest. It’s the first time since I finished Endwalker at the start of 2022, so it’s been over a year and a half since I’ve been on top of my Warrior of Light adventures.



It’s not that I stopped playing after Endwalker. I just got sidetracked by other things, both inside and outside of the game. This meant I was trickling along through the main quest at a snail’s pace and falling further and further behind with each patch. It wasn’t fun having friends chatting about new story beats that I was utterly lost on, but I had no one to blame but myself.

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Recently, I decided to push through the content to get it done. I wanted to get up to date before Fan Fest to avoid any potential spoilers and fully appreciate any news that comes out with full context. I’m hoping for some job news at Fan Fest so that little teaser at the end of the final patch has certainly piqued my interest.

Krile holding a four leaf clover charm in Final Fantasy 14.

By the time this article is published, the Fan Fest reveals will have already happened, so I’ll either be happy to have seen that scene beforehand, or feel like it didn’t matter if they don’t comment on it. I’d like to think the timing of the hint in-game is perfectly lined up to reveal Green Mage at Fan Fest, but maybe they’ll reveal the other job as we know we’re getting two, or maybe there is no Green Mage at all.

My quest to cram the main scenario quest meant I didn’t even want to wait for Duty Finder to match me with other players, so I used the Duty Support system to complete dungeons with NPCs, though I did have a couple of trials I needed to wait on real players for that slowed me down a little. To be fair, completing content with real players make the duties so much easier, it’s just the dreaded wait time for queuing for duties as a DPS that I hate.

There was something nice about getting to experience Zero’s arc in one large chunk, rather than bit by bit as new patches drop periodically throughout the year. Still, I certainly wouldn’t recommend storing all the content up to complete in one go as the risk of spoilers is just too high. I saw plenty on social media and in chats before I could properly experience it. Playing it through never has the same impact when you’ve had a glimpse behind the curtain.

My next challenge is to continue to stay up to date with the main scenario quest. I’m not sure how long that will last, though. I certainly can’t leave it another year, as I want to be able to dive into Dawntrail as soon as it’s out. Maybe 2024 will be the year I keep all my New Year’s resolutions.

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