I Need Kingdom Hearts News Now, Please

In just a few weeks, it will have been a year and a half since Kingdom Hearts 4 and Missing Link were announced. Since then, there’s been a Missing Link closed beta for Japan, and… nothing else. I had my hopes pinned on at least a mention at the Tokyo Game Show but, alas, radio silence continued.



Square Enix is going full steam ahead with marketing for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in the meantime, which makes sense, considering its launch is mere months away. But could it spare a moment for the poor, starving Kingdom Hearts fans?

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Seeing Cloud on a Segway and Red XIII riding a Chocobo is enough to keep me satiated for a little while, but then I remember we’ve only seen Sora in Kingdom Hearts 4 for a measly three minutes, and we haven’t even had the pleasure of seeing Riku’s new design yet.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts 4

I only played through the series a couple of years ago, so I didn’t have to suffer Kingdom Hearts 3’s infamously long wait. Now I get it, but it’s far worse this time. Fans back then at least had other titles to get stuck into, like 0.2 Birth by Sleep A Fragmentary Passage and the ongoing Kingdom Hearts Union X.

Right now, with Dark Road finished and Missing Link living up to its name, what else can I do but think about what Kingdom Hearts 4 has in store? Quadratum is a completely new beast, unlike anything we’ve seen in the series for far, and Yozora is another big question mark — why exactly does he look like a mix between Sora and Riku?

I’m excited about where the series is headed, especially considering Riku is all but poised to take charge in finding Sora in Quadratum after ReMind and Melody of Memory.

Sora also has a lot of unpacking to do when it comes to his feelings and what happened in Kingdom Hearts 3, and being away from everything and everyone he knows is the perfect avenue for that.

If his reunion with Riku, after they’ve been apart for more than a year, is anything like it was in Kingdom Hearts 2… Well, let’s just say I will be very unwell, emotionally.

King Hearts Missing Link

Missing Link has me intrigued too. I missed out on Union X, so the thought of creating my own Keyblade wielder excites me. The foggy, mysterious, Victorian-esque aesthetic the game is going for is a new tonal direction not seen in any of the other titles, so that’s also got my interest piqued.

But the more I think about what’s to come, the more desperate I am for something. Anything. A new screenshot. A tweet. A reminder from Square Enix that the games simply exist and that it hasn’t forgotten about them.

Unfortunately, Kingdom Hearts has taken over just about every part of my brain, so even with new game launches left and right, all I can think about is Sora, Quadratum, and what’s in that damn Black Box Luxu’s been carrying around for centuries.

But hey, at least we got that Sora amiibo, right?

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