How To Win As The Kandarian Demon In Evil Dead: The Game

Playing as the Kandarian Demon in Evil Dead: The Game can be a real power trip. You can zip around the map freely, summon hordes of Deadites to attack the Survivors, and even possess objects and combatants. A coordinated team of Survivors can put an end to your infernal joyride, though, so you’ll need to use your demonic powers effectively if you don’t want to be banished.

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Whether your Demon of choice is the Warlord, the Puppeteer, or the Necromancer, there are key strategies that will ensure the forces of evil reign supreme. Follow these tips to strike terror into mortal hearts!

Updated October 25, 2023, by Sean Murray: If you’re looking to turn Ash and the gang into a bunch of corpses, you’ve come to the right place. This guide to the Kandarian Demon has been refreshed with improved formatting and more breakout tips to make killing those Survivors that much easier.

6 Prepare The Battleground

Evil Dead the game over screen

As the Demon, you’ll be able to get anywhere on the map before the Survivors do. If you’re both racing to an objective, the Demon will arrive first every time. In the early stages of a match, before you’ve located the Survivors, pick a location you know they’ll visit eventually – specifically, the hiding place of the Kandarian Dagger or the Lost Pages.

These spots usually have a few roaming Deadites nearby, and you can bolster the area’s defenses by laying as many scare traps as possible.

If you’ve leveled up sufficiently that you can start placing Proximity Portals, so much the better – leave them as a surprise for the Survivors when they eventually come seeking the artifacts.

5 Be Relentless

Evil Dead survivor soul

Victory for the Kandarian Demon requires harrying the Survivors as much as possible. Your goal is to slow them down and wear them out. Once you’ve found the Survivors, do your best to ensure they never have a moment’s peace from that point on. You’re only limited by your Infernal Power, and if you keep the scares coming you’ll rarely be without it.

If you do need to back up and collect orbs, keep one eye on the minimap so that you can keep tabs on the Survivors and return to them once you’re topped up. If you lose them, don’t worry – use the extra time to gather even more power so that you can really give it to them the next time you meet.

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4 Be On The Lookout For Map Pieces

evil dead woods map

The Demon doesn’t get any hints as to the location of Professor Knowby’s map pieces, but an objective marker will appear in your field of vision if you’re close to one just as it would if you were playing a Survivor. If you find a map piece before the Survivors, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to force them into a trap.

Most map pieces are inside buildings; when you find one, load the building with as many traps and Proximity Portalsas you can. Be sure to trap any Supply Chests in the area as well – Survivor players can’t resist opening them. Add some Evil Tree traps around the building’s perimeter, then gather orbs as you wait for your quarry to arrive.

The best part of trapping a map piece is that the Survivors will likely not have had time to find top-level gear or stat boosts. By forcing them to use up colas and amulets early, you’re robbing them of resources for later battles when you’ll be able to summon Elites or enter the fray as a Boss.

3 Hunt The Stragglers

Evil Dead mission 4 loading screen

If you don’t have enough Infernal Power to do any serious damage but have the Survivors in your sights, consider just watching them to see how they work as a team (or fail to do so). If one Survivor is constantly running ahead or getting left behind by the group, they’re a perfect target.

In every horror movie, the character that wanders off alone gets killed – the same should be true for your straggler. Drop a few portals on them while the rest of the team is otherwise occupied, or if you’re feeling especially dramatic call in the boss and take them out yourself.

This works especially well if the rest of the Survivors have wandered into a previously-set trap; they’ll be too busy fighting for their lives to save their companion.

It might be tempting to possess a Survivor who goes off alone, but resist the urge. Possessing them doesn’t do anything but waste Infernal Power, since you won’t be able to attack the other Survivors. Instead, fly ahead of them and turn on any scare traps in their path, feeding on their Fear to increase your Threat Level.

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2 Possess The Group’s Car

Evil Dead the game vehicle steal

An organized team of Survivors will all pile into a single car to cover long distances. When you get an alert that a vehicle is in use, tracking it down can give you an easy way to frustrate the Survivors.

Possessing a vehicle kicks out any Survivors inside, forcing them back onto foot. From there, you can try to run them down, or just speed off and total the car, robbing the team of the time they would have saved by driving wherever they were going.

This is especially useful when the Survivors are traveling from one artifact location to the next, as these are often on opposite sides of the map. Forcing them to walk can buy you just enough time to run down the clock.

If you find the Survivors in a car while they’re looking for map pieces, follow silently behind them. When they arrive at their destination, you can encircle them with traps and Deadites, forcing them to fight their way out.

1 Go For The Throat In The Final Battle

evil dead the game summon deadites

If the Survivors begin the final ritual, your goal is to destroy the Necronomicon before it finishes. Before attacking the book, check to see if any Survivors are near death. This is the time to finish them off – the fewer active Survivors there are, the easier it will be to destroy the Necronomicon uninterrupted.

Pick a target, eliminate them, and move on to the next. Your minions can put some damage on the book in the meantime, and might even get a kill or two themselves. Better still, Survivors trying to revive their teammates aren’t protecting the Necronomicon.

When there’s one Survivor left, assess whether it would be faster to finish them off or destroy the Necronomicon, and do so to claim your victory.

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