How To Use Zonai Wings In The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can flex your creativity skills by using Zonai devices. These are a variety of parts that can be attached together in order to make a number of contraptions. One part that you will encounter fairly early is the Zonai Wing.



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Getting a Zonai Wing to work just right can be a task, but thankfully, we are here to help. In this guide, we are going to take a look at how you can use Zonai Wings. This will include standard uses, as well as what you can make with the piece.

Where To Find Zonai Wings

one of the zonai device dispensers all zonai device dispenser locations tears of the kingdom

Like other Zonai devices, you can find Zonai Wings from dispensers that are spread throughout Hyrule. On the Great Sky Island, you can find a dispenser near Gutanbac Shrine, which provides Fans, Flame Emitters, Portable Pots, and Wings for you to use. This dispenser can be found pretty early, making it a good spot to return to later.

You can also find Zonai Wings already placed in the world. The wings are often included in Zonai part stations in the Depths, but you can also find strategically placed Wings near the edge of Sky Islands.

It’s important to note that Zonai Wings have a limited flight time. After about a minute, the wings will start to flash, indicating that they will disappear soon. Once they disappear, you will be sent falling towards the ground. Any attached pieces will separate and fall as well.

Can You Use Zonai Wings Alone?

Link stands on a zonai wing in Apogek Shrine The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zonai Wings are like a paper airplane; they can glide through the sky, but there is no means of propulsion to push you forward. Still, there are a few different ways to use the Zonai Wings without additional Zonai devices.

There are some parts of Hyrule that essentially set you up to use Zonai Wings by themselves. While exploring the Sky Islands, you will come across downward slopes with a rail running down the center. By placing wings here and hopping on, you will slide off the surface and be airborne.

Once in the air, the Zonai Wings will change direction based on where you stand. If you walk toward the nose of the wings, you will start to fly downward. To veer a certain direction, just stand on the edge that corresponds.

Anything attached to the wings can impact the direction. For example, if you attach a Korok to the left wing, the Zonai Wings will drift left.

How To Launch Zonai Wings Without A Rail

tears of the kingdom zonai wngs being held over edge of cliff

With the Recall ability, you can launch yourself and a Zonai Wing into the sky. To do this, place the wings down near the edge of whatever you are standing on. From here, lift the wings into the sky putting them over the edge. If dropped, they should fall past the edge; don’t drop them though!

After holding the wings over the edge, place them back on the ground and step on. Use the Recall ability on the wings, which will cause them to return to the position over the edge. Cancel the Recall ability, and ride the wings to your destination.

Be sure to stand near the back of the Zonai Wings right after canceling the Recall, as it will naturally start to nosedive.

How To Make A Plane With Zonai Wings

Link using a custom-made Zonai device made out of the wing and fans The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To make a plane with Zonai Wings, you just need a few extra materials. Attach three Fans along the back of the Zonai Wing, and then place a Steering Stick in the center; now, you have a simple plane!

You can place the plane on the edge of cliffs and existing structures to take off, or you can attach a Zonai Cart to the bottom in order to get a rolling start.

Making Land Vehicles With Zonai Wings

While Zonai Wings are best used in the sky, you can also travel the surface of Hyrule with them. Rather than launching yourself into the air, you can use the wings as a platform. With some wheels and a steering stick attached, you can make yourself a bird-shaped vehicle.

We only suggest doing this if you only have Zonai Wings available; be sure to search the area beforehand for little structures that contain wooden pieces for you to use.

Zonai Wings And Rockets

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Link stands by a Zonai Wing inside the cave with the O-Ogim crystal location

You can also opt to put Rockets on Zonai Wings, causing you to go really fast. With the Rocket point facing the direction you want to travel in, you can gain a short burst of speed before the Rocket stops and dissolves.

A Steering Stick can also be attached, but the plane may be going too fast for you to accurately steer. If you do have the stick attached, try to just maintain a straight path.

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