How To Use Vampiric Powers In Diablo 4: Season Of Blood

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Diablo 4 has given players access to new powers in Season of Blood. By slaying vampires and collecting new currencies, players can enhance their builds with Vampiric Powers, strong passive effects that can fundamentally change the way a build performs. These effects range from summoning bats to spawning explosive orbs upon dealing overpower damage.



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Builds that take advantage of these powers can crush the leveling and endgame experiences of Diablo 4, but learning how to use these powers can prove challenging. This guide will explain how to unlock Vampiric Powers, explain how the Pact system works, and showcase what all 22 Vampiric Powers do in Diablo 4’s Season of Blood.

How To Unlock Vampiric Powers

Diablo 4 Vampiric Powers UI

Vampiric Powers are obtainable to Season of Blood characters. Characters made in the Eternal Realm will not have access to Vampiric Powers. Once you created a Season of Blood character, you’ll be able to manage your Vampiric Powers through your inventory screen. The “Blood Money” seasonal quest will introduce players to this system and provide some useful upgrade materials for Vampiric Powers. You’ll unlock this quest upon beating the campaign. Players that chose to skip the campaign can start this quest immediately after character creation.

Once you’ve unlocked a Vampiric Power through the seasonal quest, you can access your Vampiric Powers through the “Vampiric Powers” tab of your inventory. All of your known Vampiric Powers will be showcased at the bottom of this interface. Hovering over each power will showcase its effect, acquisition method, and Pact drain (explained below).

Diablo 4 Upgrading Vampiric Power

New powers are unlocked by spending Potent Blood. You’ll find Potent Blood by completing Season of Blood content and opening caches awarded from the Battle Pass. With 25 Potent Blood, select the “Spend Potent Blood” option at the bottom of the UI to manifest new powers. The game will choose three random Vampiric Powers for you to choose between, including powers you already have unlocked. Choosing an unknown power will unlock it for future use on your character, while selecting a known Vampiric Power will increase its level, bumping its stats slightly. It’s essentially the same progression system as Paragon Glyphs.

Using Vampiric Powers

Diablo 4 Hemomancy Power

Now that you have some Vampiric Powers, it’s time to put them to use. Drag any unlocked Vampiric Power into an empty slot to socket the power. You’ll notice that the numbers at the top of the UI will start to change. These symbols and numbers refer to your Pact energy, a resource that rolls on all armor pieces this season.

You’ll need a Pact value that matches or exceeds the socketed Vampiric Power for it to take effect. For example, if a power requires three Pact skulls, you’ll need a total of three skulls across all armor pieces for that Vampiric Power to trigger in combat. Assuming you have enough Pact energy, the Vampiric Power will activate whenever its listed condition is met—for example, using a Basic Skill or losing a certain percentage of HP. Think of these powers as supercharged Legendary Aspects rather than entirely new powers for your hotbar.


Diablo 4 Season of Blood Pacts

Every Vampiric Power in Diablo 4 requires a certain number of Pacts to function. Pacts are found on all armor that drops during Season of the Blood. There are three types of Pacts available:

  • Pact of Ferocity: Crown icon.
  • Pact of Divinity: Chalice icon.
  • Pact of Eternity: Skull icon.

An armor piece may roll with up to five Pacts at a time, allowing for a total of 25 Pacts per build. You can view an armor piece’s Pact capacity by hovering over it in your inventory. Your character’s total Pact energy is visible in the Vampiric Power menu. There’s no limit to how many types of Pacts can roll on an armor piece.

Once you reach higher World Tiers, min-maxing your Pacts is key to getting the most out of the Vampiric Power system. Thankfully, there are deterministic ways of adding and removing Pacts on gear. Occasionally, you’ll earn consumable items that will force an armor piece to add a specific type of Pact. There are also Cleansing Acids you can use to purge an armor piece of all active Pacts, allowing you deliberately add the exact Pacts you need through these consumable items. There’s no limit to how many times you can add or remove Pacts on your armor.

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Every Vampiric Power In Season Of Blood

Diablo 4 Season Of Blood Necromancer

Season of Blood has 22 Vampiric Powers to collect, ranging from small combat buffs to build-enabling effects. These powers are separated into two categories: Minor Powers and Major Powers. Minor Powers require 1-3 Pacts to activate and offer effects that are comparable to Legendary Aspects. Major Powers require 6 Pacts to activate and are far stronger, comparable to Uniques or build-enabling Legendary Aspects. Every Vampiric Power available this season can be found in the expandable tables below.

Minor Vampiric Powers

Major Vampiric Powers

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