How To Unlock The Radiant Ending In Lords Of The Fallen

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Lords Of The Fallen offers various endings that vary based on your in-game actions and decisions. At the game’s outset, you discover that you are a lampbearer and your mission is to seek the beacons. The way you interact with these beacons determines the ending you’ll achieve.



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The Radiant ending is generally seen as the good ending, especially since you faithfully pursue your duty as a lampbearer. If you’re interested in learning how to unlock this ending, this guide will provide step-by-step instructions to help you do so.

How To Unlock The Radiant Ending

Cleanse All The Beacons

Player has the choice to cleanse a beacon Lords of the Fallen

To achieve the Radiant ending in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll need to locate and cleanse all five beacons in the game. However, this task is more challenging than it may seem because you must first discover the areas where these beacons are hidden and then defeat the Colossal Sentinels guarding them.

Reach Bramis Castle

Player standing at Upper Calrath Lords of the Fallen

Once you’ve cleansed all the beacons, return to Upper Calrath/Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian. Exit the room, and you’ll see a large door that you may have previously tried to interact with without success. If you return to this area now, you’ll encounter The Iron Wayfarer, who’s blocking your path.

After defeating The Iron Wayfarer, interact with the door to unlock the final area of the game, Bramis Castle. During your journey there, you’ll also face off against Damarose the Marked.

After you defeat Damaros, be prepared because this area is filled with tough enemies.

As you ascend to the top of the castle, you’ll have to confront the Sundered Monarch. Once you defeat him, climb the stairs in front of you and interact with an effigy of Adyr, which will teleport to the Rhogar realm.

Defeat Adyr, The Bereft Exile

Player just died to Adyr, The Bereft Exile Lords of the Fallen

Following a short cutscene, you will finally face Adyr, the Bereft Exile. Your task is to defeat him, but he’ll be delivering a monologue. It may not be immediately clear how to damage him, but your objective is to locate and eliminate the minions marked with the symbol of Adyr. Each minion you defeat will gradually reduce Adyr’s health.

While these minions aren’t particularly tough, they will unleash fire projectiles, so keep an eye on your Burn and Ignite meter.

After you defeat the final minion bearing Adyr’s mark, a cutscene will trigger, in which your character will vanquish Adyr once and for all using the Umbral Lamp. You’ll receive a prompt asking if you want to start a New Game Plus.

We recommend not immediately starting a New Game Plus until you’re sure you’ve obtained all the weapons, spells, or completed any outstanding NPC quests.

Don’t worry, you can initiate a New Game Plus at any Vestige.

How To Unlock The Radiant Purifier Class

A prompt showing that the player unlocked the Radiant Purifier Class Lords of the Fallen

Achieving the Radiant ending will also unlock the Radiant Purifier starting class, which you can choose when starting a new character. This class is similar to the Orian Preacher but considerably more powerful.

The Radiant Purifier Stats And Equipment














Starting Equipment


Radiant Purifier Polearm

Radiant Purifier Catalyst


Radiant Purifier Set


Empyrean Pendant

Starting Items


x5 Large Manastone Cluster

The Radiant Purifier Overview

The Radiant Purifier Class overview in Lords of the Fallen

The Radiant Purifier is a spellcaster with a focus on the Radiance stat, while also maintaining a well-balanced combination of physical-related attributes which are Strength and Agility, making this class strong in close combat.

Unlike the Orian Preacher, this class starts with three spells

  • Piercing Light: Unleashes a charged and piercing burst of Radiant magic.
  • Healing Sigil: Creates an area of Radiant magic, providing healing to you and any allies who step within it.
  • Aura of Tenacity: Generates a Radiant aura that reduces the damage you take.

Choosing the Radiant Purifier class provides you with a higher level of stats, giving you an advantage when starting the game with a new character. Its balanced approach to physical and magical abilities makes it an all-around, versatile class worth considering.

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