How To Unlock The Dancing Zombie Easter Egg In Dying Light 2

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Techland continues the tradition of dancing zombies and adds a similar Easter Egg in Dying Light 2. In the first game, finding this Easter Egg was a straightforward task, since all you had to do was find the warehouse where the dancing zombies are and turn on the power. It’s way more complicated in the sequel, though.


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Unlocking this secret also gets you a blueprint, which is a soccer ball you can craft, then kick around and dribble past zombies. This guide will show you the location of the dancing zombie in Dying Light 2 and how you can trigger the events that will spawn the uniquely talented zombie of Villedor.

Updated December 21, 2023, by Sean Murray: If you’re wondering how to get the soccer ball in Dying Light 2, this guide has you covered. We’ve refreshed this guide with improved formatting and more links to other helpful Dying Light 2 topics.

Where Is The Dancing Zombie in Dying Light 2

A soccer field in Old Villedor in Dying Light 2

Some Easter Eggs can only be found after you’re allowed to travel to the larger part of the map, but luckily, the dancing zombie is located in Trinity District to the north, where you can travel once the game lets you explore freely.

This special zombie spawns on the far north side of the district on a soccer field with just one goalpost, but getting it to spawn isn’t as easy as reaching the soccer field.

The soccer field is directly north of one of the “Nightrunner Hideouts” you can unlock. Once you get to the hideout, look for a line of tall trees, the pitch is directly below them.

The football field's location on Dying Light 2's map

There’s going to be a soccer ball on the pitch. You’ll need to kick it into the goal nine times to make the dancing zombie pop up, but you can’t score all nine in one go. You have to leave the area after each goal you score, then come back and score another until you score a total of nine goals.

One thing to keep in mind is, you have to leave the district completely, then return to score more, or else the number of goals won’t add up.

The ball will spawn at a different part of the pitch after each successful goal, meaning you can use its spawn point as an indicator to see if your goal counted or not. There will be a little lightning show after you score three goals, and another after you net six.

Scoring six goals will also spawn a common sword named “Shocker”, but it’s nothing special.

Score three more goals and the dancing zombie will spawn and perform for you! While it’s an entertaining act to watch, don’t let your guard down, because the big guy will come hammering at you once his show is over.


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A player-crafted soccer ball in Dying Light 2

To get the football/soccer ball blueprint, sadly, you must kill this talented undead you just met. Killing the dancing zombie will spawn a box with a blueprint inside in the middle of the goalpost. The blueprint is for a football/soccer ball that you can craft using 369 scraps.

The blueprint is named “United in Fun – Everyone Can Play!” and it sort of delivers. The ball can be kicked around freely by any player within the same lobby as you. It can be fun playing soccer with your friends in a zombie-infested town while parkouring around.

The ball won’t act as a weapon of any sort, though, unlike the mighty frying pan that always returns to you. Also, once used, it can’t be picked up again. If you’re low on scraps, you may want to delay crafting it.


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