How To Unlock New Colors For Clothes And Furniture In Fae Farm

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In cute farming sims like Fae Farm, customization is everything – making your farmer and the world around them fit your aesthetic is a staple part of gameplay! However, in Fae Farm, your choices are limited at first, until you begin to purchase new color palettes.



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Used on both furniture and your clothing alike, color palettes can be bought from vendors around Azoria and in its neighboring regions that unlock with story progression. By the time you’re finished with Fae Farm, you’ll have unlocked a rainbow of color palette options! Below is our guide to unlocking every color in Fae Farm.

Buy New Color Palettes From Shop Vendors

a farmer speaking to millie in central town azoria in fae farm all color palettes

In Fae Farm, you need to buy new colors from shopkeepers around Azoria if you’d like to redecorate your home. These color palettes will come with a trio of similar colors, and they’re available from vendors whose shop is themed in the colors they sell.

In all, there are 24 total color palettes in Fae Farm, but you’ll already have two color palettes to begin with when you first start Fae Farm – an earth-toned trio and a bluish one.

Millie sends them in the mail on your first day of Chapter Two, and this serves as your introduction to dyes.

But, if you want other colors than the six sample colors Millie sent, you’ll need to save up ingredients and purchase new color trios from her and the other shops in Fae Farm.

Each color palette in Fae Farm will cost Florins, several of one color flower, and a third material. The third material changes based on the vendor, but you’ll often find it to be gemstones or seashells, with later-game vendors outside Azoria proper requiring more involved materials.

one of the wisp mother's pink palettes in fae farm all color locations

Ingredients will be listed as “Undiscovered Item” until you’ve logged one of said item in your Almanac.

In all, there are six shopkeepers around Azoria and its surrounding regions who sell color palettes. They are:

  • Millie in Central Town in Azoria, sells spring colors. She’ll likely be who you get your first colors from, as her requirements are lower compared to the other vendors.
  • Mel the Critter-catcher over in West Town. His colors are largely yellow, to go with his bees.
  • Asphodel in the Fae Realm. The resident plant specialist in the Elven Village, their palettes are green in hue.
  • Glorarod the arborist, also in the Fae Realm. With special trees on offer at the shop, Glorarod sells bluish palettes.
  • Wisp Mother, who resides north of the Hazy Haven house. In addition to directing you through the story, she also has a shop with whimsical color palettes and additional fairy wings available for purchase.
  • Igni, the elf living in the Mountains next to the Scorched Caverns. Surrounded by lava and ash, Igni’s color palettes are red and gray.

To buy colors from a shopkeeper, simply ask them to open their shop when you have all the materials, and buy the palette like an item from the shop as normal.

The next time you return to whichever house you call home, you’ll have access to this new color palette and can begin to change the color of your furniture as you see fit.

soft teal color palettes at millie's shop in fae farm how to unlock new colors

Once you’ve unlocked a color palette in Fae Farm, it’s yours to keep for the remainder of the game! From here, you can completely redesign your home. Pick up some of the vendor’s exclusive wallpapers or flooring options while you’re stopping by their shop and begin experimenting with the details of your home.

Additionally, these colors can also be used as dyes for your clothing to further customize your farmer. You’ll need to have both the outfit of choice and the color palette unlocked, but the further you get in the game and the more dyes you unlock, the more customization options you’ll have.

Breed Hybrid Flowers To Unlock New Colors

While Millie starts off by asking for some base flowers, you’ll need to speak with Rosalind in East Town to learn how to create new hybrid flower colors.

Create some Flower Soil Beds at home and get to planting in careful patterns to create the hybrid flowers you need. Though Millie’s requests are fairly simple, you’ll need progressively tougher to breed hybrids as you unlock late-game areas of Fae Farm like the Fae Realm and the Mountains.

You’ll usually need either 15 or 30 flowers of one color to purchase a new color palette in Fae Farm, so be sure to breed early and stock up until you can afford the new color palettes.

holly selling items at the seed and soil shop during the festival with a limited time color palette fae farm unlock new colors

Five Color Palettes Are Exclusive To Festivals

Between the two palettes you’ve got unlocked at the start and the remainder available from the shopkeepers, you’ll notice you’re still missing five palettes after buying all of them from the vendors. That’s because they’re exclusive to the festivals at the end of each season.

With five festivals total, each festival has one color palette to unlock as part of the day’s festivities. Speak to the townsperson in charge of the event as you’re doing event-related quests, and they’ll help you out – for a price of Florins, flowers, and another, third material.

Use our guide to plan out what you’ll need for these limited-time palettes – you don’t get see the ingredient list for the palettes in-game until the day of the festival, so it helps to be prepared, since you’ll need several hybrid flowers to purchase them.

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All Color Palettes And How To Get Them

a farmer changing the color on her bed with one of several color palettes in fae farm all color unlock

Below, we’ve kept track of each color palette in Fae Farm, including from which vendor you’ll buy it, what materials you’ll need to bring, and how much it costs in Florins to buy.

We did not include the two color palettes unlocked by default, meaning there are only 22 of the 24 color palettes in the table below.

Every Color Palette In Fae Farm And Where To Get It

Color Palette Name


Price (Florins)

Millie’s Color Palettes

Soft Pink

30 Coral

15 Pink Lillies


Soft Orange

30 Ammonite

15 Orange Roses

Soft Yellow

30 Sand Dollar

30 Yellow Tulips

Soft Teal

30 Oyster

15 Ivory Tulips

Mel’s Color Palettes

Vibrant Sepia

30 Honeycomb

15 Black Trilliums


Vibrant Ocre

30 Honeycomb

15 Black Zinnias

Vibrant Yellow

30 Honeycomb

30 Yellow Trilliums

Asphodel’s Color Palettes

Soft Green

30 Rough Peridot

30 Green Hyacinths


Soft Emerald

30 Rough Emerald

30 Teal Trilliums

Glorarod’s Color Palettes

Soft Azure

30 Rough Sapphire

30 Blue Zinnias


Soft Violet

30 Rough Amethyst

30 Violet Trillium

Wisp Mother’s Color Palettes

Vibrant Pink

3 Polished Rose Quartz

30 Pink Trilliums


Vibrant Azure

3 Polished Sapphire

30 Blue Lillies

Igni’s Color Palettes

Vibrant Gray

3 Polished Obsidian

30 Black Roses


Soft Gray

3 Polished Diamond

30 White Hyacinths

Vibrant Scarlet

3 Polished Ruby

30 Red Zinnias

Soft Scarlet

3 Polished Garnet

30 Magenta Tulips

Festival Exclusive Color Palettes

Vibrant Green (Spring – Petal Bloom Festival)

30 Yellow Lillies

30 Blue Hyacinths


Vibrant Teal (Summer – Hook and Line Festival)

3 Spiny Puffer

30 Teal Roses

Vibrant Orange (Autumn – Seed and Soil Festival)

30 Apricots *

30 Orange Zinnias

Vibrant Violet (Autumn – Fae Festival)

3 Blob Globs

30 Violet Tulips

Vibrant Emerald (Winter – Warm Hearth Festival)

3 Spaghetti Primavera

30 White Roses

* There seems to be something of a bug with getting fruit trees to produce saplings, which we assume is how you make hybrid fruit trees that result in Apricots. We’ll update our farming guide with instructions, should this be fixed!

Several of these vendors and, subsequently, their color palettes, aren’t available until you’ve made progress through the story and have unlocked new regions. It may be a while before you unlock all color palettes in Fae Farm, but the colorful payout is worth the effort.

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