How To Unlock All Special Grindstones In Lies Of P

In Lies Of P, your weapons have a durability meter that goes down as you use them in battles. Luckily, right from the beginning of the game, you get the Grinder item to help you repair your weapons and maintain their durability. If the durability meter turns red, it’s a sign that you should repair your weapon before it breaks.



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As you progress in the game, you’ll be able to get special items called Grindstones. These can be used alongside the Grinder to add beneficial buffs to your weapons, enhancing their effectiveness.

How To Get Special Grindstones

A list of all Special Grinstone available in Lies of P

After defeating King’s Flame Fuoco at Venigni Works, you’ll receive your first Grindstone as a reward, the Flame Grindstone.

The Flame Grindstone temporarily enchants your weapon with fire and inflicts Overheat.

With this item, you need to head back to Hotel Krat and find Venigni. He can be located on the ground floor’s right side, you’ll see him in front of Eugénie.

When you interact with Venigni, he’ll provide you with the Grinder Modification tool. This handy tool allows you to switch between Special Grindstones on your Grinder.

Now that you have the Flame Grindstone, you can embed it into your Grinder for use at Venigni, and afterward, you can do it from any Stargazer.

Remember, you can only use these Special Grindstones once, but you can reset their uses when you rest at the Stargazer.

Pulcinella inventory Lies of P

In the game, you can purchase various Special Grindstones, and your primary merchant for acquiring them is Pulcinella.

However, to access these Grindstones from Pulcinella, you’ll need to locate Venigni Collection boxes for him. These boxes allow him to expand his inventory, enabling him to sell a wider range of Grindstones.

The table provided below will detail each Special Grindstone and the corresponding Supply Box from which you can obtain it.

Special Grindstone


How To Get


Electric Blitz Grindstone

Temporarily enchant your weapon with Electric Blitz and inflict Shock.

Accessible from the start.

1,000 Ergo

Acid Grindstone

Temporarily enchant your weapon with Acid and inflict Decay.

Give the Incredible Venigni Collection to Pulcinella to have it added to his inventory.

1,000 Ergo

Indomitable Grindstone

Temporarily boost Guard.

1,000 Ergo

Destruction Grindstone

Temporarily boost weapon Stagger Attack.

Give the Fancy Venigni Collection to Pulcinella to have it added to his inventory.

1,000 Ergo

Satisfaction Grindstone

Temporarily boost weapon Critical rate.

1,000 Ergo

Durability Grindstone

Temporarily reduces Durability consumption.

Give the Great Venigni Collection to Pulcinella to have it added to his inventory.

1,000 Ergo

Perfection Grindstone

Temporarily activates Perfect Guard automatically when guarding.

Give Pulcinella all three Venigni Collection boxes to have it added to his inventory.

1,000 Ergo

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